9 of the craziest beauty trends of 2016

Written by Jessica Lunan


The year 2016 has definitely been the year of the whacky, especially within the beauty world. When reflecting on the year that was, we couldn’t help but realise that the majority of the beauty trends have been so crazy (think furry nails) that we couldn’t resist recapping on our faves to remind you how wonderfully weird the beauty world has been in 2016.

Furry Nails


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We’ve already touched upon the furry nail craze that started earlier in the year, and weren’t we happy that this wasn’t a trend to stay! This hairy manicure replaced traditional nail art and saw full, fluffy nails! It got points for shock factor, but practicality? We’re not so sure...

Kylie Jenner Lip Kits

Now, this wasn’t too crazy, but what was unpredicted was the high demand for these bad boys! We’re just as surprised that Kylie’s Lip Kits are now our favourite go to mattes! Who knew a liner could be so soft and creamy?

Bubble Eyeliner


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This trend was the one that got us all experimenting with our liner this year! This took the traditional wing and turned it on its head, and had all of us shaky-hand-girls praising the beauty Gods because it meant that our usually splotchy liner was suddenly in. From here we saw confetti eyeliner and then swirl eyeliner which was definitely one that needed precision (and one that made us nervous just looking at).

The highlighter challenge


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2016 was the year of getting ‘lit, and the highlighter challenge took this to a whole new level. While the results were stunning, you’d have to warn everyone around you to wear sunglasses because you’d be so blindingly bright!

100 layers of everything


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Now, we couldn’t talk about challenges without mentioning the 100 layers challenge, right? This one saw beauty guru’s apply copious amounts of nail polish, foundation, face masks and liquid lipsticks until it looked like a goopy mess, yet it was still weirdly satisfying?

Glitter tears

One to be seen at summer music festivals, glitter tears is the look of the party season! Plus, it’s the perfect way to update your usual under eye concealer routine.

Marble Lipstick


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They had us at ‘marble’! Every beauty obsessed was pining over the Illamasqua’s Lava Lip’s lipstick and their unique formula. When applying the different ‘marbled’ shades blend together to create a completely unique colour!

Hidden rainbow hair


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An update on the pastel hair trend, we fell in love with hidden rainbow hair straight away. It allowed us to get daring with our locks without jumping out of our comfort zone, and the results were beautiful.

Holographic lip gloss


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90s babe meets the psychedelic future, this stunning trend still has us reaching for our gloss!

All we can say is that we’ll go to any lengths for beauty! We wonder what whacky beauty trends we’ll see (or be victim of) in 2017?