7 Tips to be the happiest & healthiest you

Take up these everyday tips to help you be the happiest and healthiest you!

Beyonce happy and healthy tips to living the best live possible!

Ladies, there is only so much fit-tea and hair supplements can do! There are plenty of fads and products out there that claim to make you look and feel better. But what's most important are the simple lifestyle choices we can make daily that can boost our energy and make a huge difference in our ultimate happiness and overall health.

1. Beauty sleep

There is no better feeling than coming home to your own little sanctuary of rest (a.k.a. your bedroom), filled with calming colours and crisp linen. Try to eliminate technology as much as possible in this space, and rather opt to watch Netflix out on the couch. Be sure to make your bed perfectly every morning to keep the room looking clean and inviting and be sure to allow in natural light, especially in the mornings – it will make waking up so much easier.

2. Rise and shine

Speaking of waking up, try to create a routine where you are going to bed and getting up at around the same time. If you struggle with the snooze button, rather than plugging in your phone behind your bedside table, place it across the room or as far away as possible. This means when that awful sound rings you have to actually get up out of bed and turn it off which will make you more awake naturally. Set aside an hour or two to get ready rather than 10 minutes, read some articles online and sip on your coffee instead of rushing and stressing. Improving the way you wake up can make a huge difference in your day.

3. Be active

Being healthy doesn't mean spending 3 hours per day at the gym like Khloe Kardashian... but rather making small changes to maintain an active lifestyle. Wake up a little earlier and go on a brisk morning stroll whilst listening your some energetic beats. During the day, why not walk up and down the stairs instead of taking the lift and try and move whenever you can. On weekends try to get involved in fun activities like mountain hikes and beach trips with friends - it won't even seem like exercise!

4. Be one with the glow

Skincare is the key to looking and feeling good. Sure, us girls have makeup and other products that can mask imperfections but having plump, supple and glowing skin can make the world of difference in your confidence and general appearance. Look after your skin with a simple morning and night routine that suits your needs. Splurge once every few months on a facial and be sure to apply sunscreen every morning before you apply your makeup to protect your skin from premature aging and sun damage.

5. Carry a water bottle

Move over coffee and wine, you know we love you, but there is an other beverage in our lives that is making us look and feel so much better! Wherever you go, take a bottle of water with you and try your very best to drink at least 2 litres per day. Constantly sipping water throughout the day, not only keeps your body hydrated, it helps to release toxins, clear blemishes and minimise overeating. Infuse your h20 with chlorophyll, lemon and apple cider vinegar for an extra healthy boost in the mornings.

6. Be organised

In order to achieve every goal you set yourself, it's important to make time for everything in-between form work, study, personal time and of course socialising. Make life easier for yourself by planning ahead and scheduling important dates to ensure it doesn't slip your mind. We get it, we're all busy people, but that is never an excuse – there are only as many hours in a day as you allow! Don’t forget to allocate time for getting your nails done, coffee dates with the girls or a session of retail therapy.

7. Keep it exciting!

Don't allow yourself to fall into the hamster wheel of habit. Maintain the excitement in your life by trying something new or stepping outside your comfort zone every once in a while. It's so easy to just simply 'exist' rather than living our lives in the best way possible. If you're feeling bored, why not be spontaneous and try skydiving or book a hot air balloon ride. If you find yourself struggling with confidence or inner strength, why not give a self defence class a go. If you need to escape all the hustle and bustle of your crazy life, try a relaxing weekend away or even an indulgent spa retreat.

If you make these small, simple changes to your lifestyle it will play a huge part in the quest of becoming the happiest, healthiest version of yourself!

Words: Frances van Eeden