7 Crazy beauty trends from 2015

As with fashion, beauty trends come and go and more often than not, we cringe as we look back at the trends we have embraced. You might remember the too dark lip liner from the 90s or the crazy crimped hair from the 80s... These are the top seven crazy beauty trends of 2015 that we will soon look back on and wonder, "what we were thinking"!

1. Thigh brows

Thigh brows were one of the biggest celebrity trends in 2015. This trend encourages curves by embracing the roll of skin that appears at the top of the thigh when wearing high cut swimwear and underwear.


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2. Strobing

Strobing was without a doubt the biggest skin trend of 2015. Strobing involves highlighting on the highpoints of your face; down the nose, the cupid's-bow, just below the eye and a little bit on the chin. According to MAC Senior Artist Carol Mackie, makeup artists have been strobing for many years but it became a big trend in 2015.


 3. Kylie Jenner lip challenge

Social media feeds were flooded with seriously swollen lip pics earlier in 2015. The crazy trend started as the youngest of the Jenner sisters denied lip enhancements and attributed her full lips to ‘suction cups’. Girls used anything from plastic cups to shot glasses to ‘plump’ their lips, until it was finally revealed Jenner did in fact have cosmetic lip enhancers. This is one trend we are so glad to see gone!


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4. Multi-masking

Multi-masking is the trend of applying multiple masks to different areas of the face to target various concerns. While this trend is rather logical, applying too many products to the face at once can seriously overload the skin and cause a reaction.


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 5. Glass nails

This magical nail trend is inspired by glass and born out Korea. Don’t worry, no actual glass is involved! The trend involves mismatched pieces of cellophane which reflect light and mimic glass.

 6. Ombré lips

Ombré lips subtly contours your lips to create a fuller look. Use a darker shade to ‘line’ the lips with a bright pop of colour and illuminate the center of the lips with a light shade.

 7. Hair tattoos

Yep, another beauty trend started by the Kardashian-Jenner 'klan'! Everyone’s favourite beauty guru sister, Kylie Jenner sported a metallic hair design and the trend picked up from there. The tattoos are temporary and applied the same way you would temporary skin tattoos.


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 We can't wait to see what crazy trends 2016 brings!

Words: Frances van Eeden