6 effortless ways to make your workout fun Is that an oxymoron?

We’ve all had moments where we just don’t feel like working out. It can be all too easy to only give your gym sesh half of what you’re capable of, or skip it altogether. Then come the guilty feelings... Whether you’re on the countdown to an event you need to look your best for, are desperately trying to salvage your New Year’s resolution, or are simply trying to keep your body fit and healthy, here are our top tips for making your workout feel less like work and more like #werkingit!

Build a rockin’ playlist

Nothing pumps you up like some killer songs to sweat to. Ditch the ballads and opt for some fierce tunes with beats that get you moving! Slower songs make you move more slowly, so save these for your warm-down stretch and rock out to something punchier when you need that extra push during cardio!

Get a workout buddy

You can either meet someone through your workout haven of choice, or ask an existing friend to work out with you. Either way, you’ll have fun, socialise and get a little competitive, which will turn your gym sesh into something to look forward to.

Set up a reward system

No, not extra cronuts afterwards. But if you pick something you love and make it the reward for completing your workout, you’ll have something to look forward to and you’ll start to feel more positive about the workout itself. Maybe have a refreshing float in the pool after a run, or curl up with Netflix once you’ve reached your daily squats goal. Is that an oxymoron?

Have enough energy

No one wants to pump out a hard session when they’re feeling sluggish or not well-rested. A good tip to give yourself a boost is to have a high-energy snack in the 30 minutes before you exercise. Something as simple as a banana, apple or orange will raise your energy levels and give you something to draw on when the reps get tough.

Let yourself recover

Know the importance of a rest day! If you’re training hard every day of the week, you’ll start to feel exhausted and you’ll wear your body out. Have one to two days per week of lighter or no exercise. Try to make them the same days each week so as not to break your routine while still allowing you to come back to workouts refreshed and ready to kill it!

Take progress shots

You don’t have to post these all over social media (unless you want to). But if you take a full-body snap at the start of each week, within even just a few weeks you’ll look back and be astounded by how much fitter and stronger you have become. Knowing you’ve got your weekly photo coming up will motivate you to do your best and you’ll even have fun challenging yourself to improve more each week.


Hanna Sloan is studying a Creative and Professional Writing degree at QUT. She grew up wanting to be either a writer or a professional dancer, or both. Nothing has changed. She is passionate about performance, fashion, and social progress, and is a confirmed #NastyWoman. Hanna is the proud curator of a shoe collection surpassing sixty pairs, and always thought Andie Anderson in 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' was crazy for not wanting to write about shoes for a living. In her spare time Hanna can be found devouring a book or magazine, watching 'Friends' or asking her parents for Snapchats of the family’s two beagles.