6 makeup sins you should be stopping by 25

6 makeup sins you need to stop committing.

If you’re anything like us, you probably started playing with makeup as a small child with mum’s/Grandma’s/your big sister’s discarded lipstick. Then in high school, you started to really experiment. Experimentation is awesome because we learn what works for us, what doesn’t, and get to practise new techniques. But by your twenties, most of the basics should be down pat. Nobody wants to still be using the wrong shade of foundation or getting powder blue eyeshadow on their good work tops! Here are six makeup sins to stop committing by 25:

Makeup lines under the jaw

We cannot stress this enough: get the right shade of foundation! If you’re unsure, have it professionally matched by an expert. Always test a couple of shades and select the one that disappears into your skin when you swatch it near your jawline. And to further protect against lines, blend your foundation down below your jawline and at the hairline to give it a seamless look. When in doubt, blend some more!

Caked-on makeup

Nobody wants to be the girl whose makeup looks like you couldn’t scrape it off with a spoon! If your foundation is fairly sheer or a light coverage, start with a light layer and build it up slowly. If your foundation is a full coverage formula, it’s even more important to start light! Always pump out slightly less than you think you’ll need. None of us wants to waste good makeup, and if you pump out a massive dollop you’ll be tempted to smear it all on so it doesn’t go to waste. That’s when you start to resemble a cake!

Orange tans

The Oompa Loompa look is so out. Find the right tan formula for your skin tone to avoid an orange tinge. A green-based tan is great for all skin tones as green balances and corrects pink and red, so this is a good place to start for a sun kissed glow, as is a caramel tan. Violet-based tans are good for people with olive or medium-dark skin, and dark ash-based tans are great for those brave enough to go deeply dark!

Dud brows

Brows are having a moment, and we are loving it! Gone are the noughties-era’s over-plucked tadpole brows. Let them grow fuller and more natural looking, then have them shaped and tidied to frame your eyes and define your face. A woman can never go wrong when her brows are always on fleek!


The wrong perfume…or none

By your early to mid-twenties, you should have found your scent. It should complement who you are and be fragrant enough for someone beside you to get a lovely whiff – but not so strong that you knock people out when entering the room!

Poor or lazy application

Not everyone is a makeup artist, and you don’t have to be. But if you’re slapping on some blush without blending it up your cheekbones, not removing the mascara specks on your eyelids or swiping on lipstick without paying attention to the contours of your lips, you are going to look unfinished and like you don’t care. Remember, makeup is about enhancing and highlighting your natural beauty, so you want to do it justice. And always, ALWAYS blend! You can never blend too much.


Words: Hanna Sloan