5 ways to take time out for yourself this 2017

It’s time to take a step back from the daily grind.

We’re already a quarter of the way through the year and it’s flying by isn’t it? Are you losing the motivation and determination that you felt at the beginning of the year? It’s time to stop and take a step back. Sometimes all you need to find your mojo again is to take time for yourself. Make sure that you aren’t pushing yourself too far by using these simple steps to take time out for yourself.

1. Technology Detox

Turn off the Netflix, log out of Facebook, and step away from the phone. Set yourself a time limit for a technology detox- anywhere from an hour to a full weekend will help you to feel refreshed. Instead of engaging in the constant noise of everyone else’s lives you will be able to actually live in the moment without the outside distractions.

2. Book a weekend getaway

Treat yourself to a weekend away. Whether it’s with some friends, a partner, or even a getaway just for yourself, this is an easy way to hit refresh. Get away from the daily routine and head out to the beach or countryside for some rest and relaxation.


3. Get into fiction

Refresh your mind by taking a break from everything real and dive into a new world. Not only does reading help you relax and unwind, it also helps to stimulate the right side of your brain- the creative, thought-stimulating side.

4. Simplify your routine

Simplify your routine so you can take more time for yourself in the morning to get ready for the day in a calm and relaxing way. Get rid of the tired, chaotic, and frazzled mornings by preparing your breakfast the night before, laying out your outfit ready for the morning, and avoid hitting the snooze button. The whole day will run smoother when you have a calm, fresh start.

5. Indulge in a guilty pleasure

We all have that one guilty pleasure that we like to indulge in. Whether it is reading gossip magazines, making sure you’re keeping up with the Kardashians, or even just spending ages scrolling through Pinterest. Make sure to take time to indulge in yourself without the guilt. You’re allowed to. We give you permission.

Words: Jade Byers-Pointer