5 ways to relax after a hard week of work

In today’s fast paced world, it is important to remember to take the time to relax after a long week of work. What's even more important? Knowing that you’re ALLOWED to relax!Image: source

Taking time out for yourself doesn’t mean that you care less about work or that you are negatively impacting your life in any way. It’s about understanding that to keep up with your busy lifestyle, you need to know how to take time for yourself.


The best remedy to stress is being able to laugh. Put on a funny movie, call up a friend to chat or read a funny book. Let yourself laugh and feel the freedom of letting go.

Catch up with friends

Organise a girl’s night in! Wine, movies and girl chats is a sure fire way to help unwind and forget all about work.


After a long week of work, the best thing to do when you get home is to turn on some calming music, climb into your comfiest clothes, and curl up with a good book. Turn off your phone and let yourself escape from the world for a short while. When you emerge, you’ll feel relaxed and refreshed!

Exercise or stretch


Whether you’re up to committing to a full workout or just want to stretch and meditate, moving your body will help to loosen up your muscles and relax your mind.

Learn to leave work commitments - at work

Finally, the last way to make sure that you can relax is to know how to leave your work commitments at work. For those that work in an office, it is as simple as leaving everything at your desk until Monday. For those who work from home or run their own business- it isn’t so simple. If this is the case then it is important to set boundaries. Set yourself a time when you will switch off from work. That means don’t check your emails and don’t do any sort of office activity.

Next time you feel like you can’t relax, try practising some of these tricks. You’ll soon be feeling yourself unwind and feel the stress and pressures of the week melt away!

Jade  Byers Pointer

Jade Byers-Pointer is studying a Media and Communications degree at QUT. When she's not writing you can find her either chasing the sun somewhere at a beach or researching her next adventure. Proudly admitting to her out of control lipstick collection, she also loves travel, dogs, and the ocean. Passionate about all things football and shopping, if you get her talking about either you better be prepared for a long one.