Hair hacks: 5 Ways to tame your mane post gym

The essential beauty tips and tricks for ensuring your hair looks great post-gym (no washing required)!

Celebrities looking great leaving the gym with these top hair refresh tips

If you frequent the gym you will be familiar with the constant battle between great-looking hair and a morning workout... Sometimes you might even wonder whether it's worth blowing out your hair as it will be limp and sweat soaked after your morning or lunch break workout, not to mention you might consider missing the gym to save your blowdry. 

These tried-and-tested beauty hacks are sure to keep your hair looking and feeling fresh no matter how hard you hit the weights! 

Dry Shampoo

The quickest way to refresh your hair: dry shampoo. Keep a can in your gym bag and spray it along your hairline then flip your hair over and go crazy with the spray for a quick refresh on the go. Don't forget to thoroughly blend the product into your hair to avoid any embarrassing white patches.

Our favourite: Kardashian Beauty Take 2 Dry Shampoo

Opt for braids

We've all seen how great the celebrities look with their on-trend braids but did you know this is actually a practical gym hair-do? Opt for one or two french-braids which will not only secure your hair during your sweat-session but once you take your hair out you will be left with effortless waves all day long.

Use an Invisibobble or fabric hair tie

If you do decide to throw your hair into a top knot or ponytail for the gym, opt for an Invisibobble or a fabric hair-tie which won't leave any kinks in your hair.

Give your roots a cold blast

If you're lucky enough to have a blow-dryer at the gym (or the office) set it to cold and blast your hair at the roots. This will dry up any moisture and inject some volume back into your locks.

Leave your locks smelling great

There's no way you would leave the gym without spraying your body with deodrant or perfume, right? So why shouldn't this be the same for your hair? Hair perfumes are not often talked about but are a real lifesaver to ensure you smell great!

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Words: Frances van Eeden