5 Beauty apps that will make your life easier


As we all lead increasingly busier lifestyles and have less time on our hands, beauty companies are incorporating digital technology into their services. This technology is merging convenience and connectivity. It is transforming the way we interact with beauty products and services.

Technology has become intertwined with our beauty routines to bring a level of personalisation. Mobile apps are changing the way we interact with beauty products and services on a day-to-day basis. In the click of a button, anyone can virtually 'try on' cosmetics with their smartphone or erase that dark spot on our selfies. We have collated five fbeauty apps that are guaranteed to make your life (well at least the beauty aspect) much easier. Plus they are all free!

Makeup Genius


Created by French beauty brand L’Oreal Paris, the Makeup Genius app has revolutionised the way consumers research makeup looks. This app allows users to virtually apply makeup and yes, it works! Your smartphone camera acts as a mirror and ‘applies’ makeup over your lips, eyes and skin. Not sure whether that deep plum L’Oreal lipstick will suit your features? Now you can try it on!

TryItOn Makeup


Similar to the first app, the TryItOn Makeup app allows users to virtually try on makeup. This app, however, contains makeup looks from nine popular beauty brands. The app claims to be so smart that it can analyse your skin pigments to accurately display what shade of foundation will suit you best. We’d say it is best to do this in natural lighting for the most accurate shade match. Finally, no more wasting money on products only to find out they don’t suit your complexion.

Beautylish: Makeup Beauty Tips


The Beautylish app is an online beauty community where users can find product reviews, recommendations and tips from other app users. The app even hosts video makeup tutorials! Once you are convinced of your purchase, you can even shop the Beautylish site within the app. The home for all your beauty needs!

Perfect365: One Tap Makeover


Perfect 365 is a photo editing app that allows users to remove blemishes, erase under-eye circles, brighten skin, and whiten teeth plus so much more! Use this app to get your makeup selfies on fleek!

Beauty Product Reviews by


With more than 280’000 consumer reviews on up to 70’000 beauty products, this app is your go-to for seeing what products other beauty-lovers rate or hate. The only way to avoid buyers regret is to research all the product features and find honest reviews!

Technology is leading the way in the beauty industry and has us wondering... what's next?

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Words: Frances van Eeden