4 Easy hacks for a healthier lifestyle

Give your life a spring clean with these easy hacks for a healthier you.

We all want to be the best versions of ourselves we can be- and there are plenty of opinions on how we can do that. There is so much information, however, it is easy to get overwhelmed and give up before you even get started.

We have made it easy for you with these 4 easy hacks that will have you looking and more importantly, feeling your absolute best.

Have a routine

Routines create structure and structure provides sanity. Plenty of research shows that when you have a solid routine in place, it's easier to eat healthier. Create a schedule that fits with your lifestyle and stick to it. Let family and friends know that this is something you want to take seriously so that they can be your cheer squad.

Eat without distractions

Begin trying to practice mindful eating. This is where you sit down to eat your meal without the distraction of your phone or favourite TV show. Take time to enjoy your food. Chewing slowly instead of scoffing it down will help to curb overeating because you are giving your body a chance to register when it is full.

Keep stocked up

Have a day that is dedicated purely to keeping your fridge and pantry stocked with yummy, healthy foods. This will prevent the feeling of having to order takeout because you find there is nothing to eat in the house. Rather, having some healthy cooking essentials at your fingertips will help to fuel your cooking adventures.

Cook in large batches

Batch cooking on a Sunday afternoon or doubling up your dinner servings is a quick and effortless way to make sure you have healthy meals at the ready all week. Cook extra each night for dinner and you have a readymade, healthy lunch for the next day. This will save you both time and money, and will leave you feeling great!

Incorporate these simple steps into your day-to-day routine and you’ll soon discover just how easy it is to live a healthier lifestyle!

Jade  Byers Pointer

Jade Byers-Pointer is studying a Media and Communications degree at QUT. When she's not writing you can find her either chasing the sun somewhere at a beach or researching her next adventure. Proudly admitting to her out of control lipstick collection, she also loves travel, dogs, and the ocean. Passionate about all things football and shopping, if you get her talking about either you better be prepared for a long one.