4 controversial body positivity lessons of 2016

Written by Jessica Lunan

Love thyself.

It’s been a big year for body positivity! We’ve had scandals, controversy, and inspiration. So let’s take a look at some of 2016’s most controversial and important body positivity lessons.

THAT selfie

Kim Kardashian West certainly hasn’t had an easy year. Back before her terrifying ordeal in Paris, Kimmy posted a nude selfie with two strategically placed black bars. Twitter blew up as a result, and while some people were telling Kim she looked like #goals, many more were body shaming her. Despite being told her pic was inappropriate, Kim refused to apologise and even posted another saucy snap! We adore Kim’s bravery and self-love for appreciating her gorgeous bod and refusing to back down. Being confident enough to say you’re proud of your body is what body positivity is all about!

Ariel grew up


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Modern Family star Ariel Winter is an adult now, which is something fans seem to be struggling with. After the backlash and nastiness she faced for a bikini pic last year, we hoped Ariel might be left alone, especially after she clapped back at the haters! But they tried to tear her down again this year after she wore a cleavage-revealing dress to her high school graduation party. This queen slayed with her epic response, Tweeting “I looked HOT in that dress. And if you hate it, don't buy it.” And she did look hot! We also loved how she defended Kim in the midst of her nude selfie controversy. Solidarity and love are what drive the body positivity movement, and we love to see celebs sticking together.


Taryn Brumfitt, founder of The Body Image Movement, produced a documentary titled Embrace. She began her journey to self-love after posting a before and after photo. The “before” was Taryn as a fitness model in a bodybuilding competition. The “after” was a much happier Taryn, embracing her curves and cellulite and learning to love the body she has. So why was this controversial? Taryn faced backlash for the photos, with people saying she looked better before and should be ashamed of herself for “getting fat”. Hello, people, missing the point! Luckily Taryn received so much support and so many messages that she embarked on the Embrace journey to bring the The Body Image Movement to the world.

Calvin Klein’s scandal


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Calvin Klein’s “Perfectly Fit” campaign was actually released in 2014, featuring model Myla Dalbesio, who was at the time a US size 10 (Australian 14). However, this year the image made the rounds with the words “Calvin Klein’s first plus size model” stamped on it. CK actually didn’t use the words “plus size” to refer to Dalbesio. It didn’t matter, though – the company faced backlash for the use of “plus size” to describe a normal, healthy woman, which can be extremely damaging to girls and women. It was definitely a wake-up call for the fashion industry to be more inclusive of women of all sizes, and redefine plus size so that the average woman does not begin to think her body is “plus”.

With the scandals, inspirations and boss girls fighting back, we are sure 2016 pushed the body positivity movement forward, and we love it! Everyone should love and care for the body they have. So post that selfie girl, and #slaykween.