4 Beauty Tips to Stay Flawless

The last few weeks however, has seen me schlepping all over the city to cabaret nights (The amazing Michael Griffiths' In Vogue Madonna tribute!) and far flung bars for Jazz and oysters, and I have to say, walking in heels after a few hours is hell on my feet. Remembering my Flipsters, which are cute little fold up flats that fit in your handbag, I was able to walk with dignity as the night wore on. My favourite are the Lucky Canvas, but there are heaps of styles to choose from.

2. NYX Cosmetics make-up setting spray in matte finish. This is an awesome budget range stocked at Target that has many clever trick items that you don't need to spend huge dollars on. This setting spray is $14.95 and is amazing at setting your make-up with a matte finish, and it keeps your eye make-up from bleeding, and stops your concealer from slipping. Also comes in a dewy finish.

TIP: Do you sweat under your arms regardless of anti-perspirants? I stick panty liners on the inside of my shirts in the under-arm area to protect both the fabric and to stop a sweat line if it's really hot out there!

3. Dry Shampoo. If you've have hat hair, or your hair style has wilted in the heat, spray on some dry shampoo and comb through to refresh your hair. My favourite, Batiste comes in about 5 different scents, and even has coloured versions for darker hair so you don't look powdery. This is great if you need to go straight from work to dinner or an event.

4. Nail foils or nail colour strips. You may have seen some sketchy or crazy designs on this new nail fad, but if you grab a nice 'traditional' colour (or crazy, if you're into that!) these are great for quick nail makeovers, and generally last for about a week. Some of the cheaper options are tricky to apply, but if you get Sally Hansen, or Manicare they are actually made of nail enamel, and not inflexible plastic so they can be applied smoothly.

Of course, always carry a small packet of tissues and your make-up touch ups to stay looking fresh!