3 Beauty Products to Unleash Your Inner Sex Goddess

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They are volatile, odorous substances which are released by one animal and detected by another, causing some sort of physiological reaction, including sexual.

Pheromones are detected by humans through special receptors in the nose (vomeronasal organ) and once detected they travel through to the hypothalamus in the brain. The hypothalamus is responsible for producing emotions and emotional response. According to research, the pheromones are subconsciously detected and literally elicit an internal sexual response.

How do they work?

There is substantial debate around pheromones in the science community. However clinical studies have found that men can subconsciously pick up women human pheromones and become sexually attracted to the wearer. Unfortunately though, while pheromones can trigger powerful responses in men, women can rarely produce sufficient quantities to have a dramatic effect.

Unfortunately the pheromones that women produce can be destroyed by deodorants or hormonal imbalances. Also as you get older, your pheromone levels decrease, so using products that have added pheromones can give the kick to restore what you think you've lost.

The wonderful thing about pheromone enhanced products is that simply the act of applying the products can help. Placebo or not, that alone can work to boost your sexy self- confidence. If you think 'sexy', then you feel sexy!

Animals use pheromones to attract their mate, so it's certainly worth a try – at the end of the day we are all just animals!

Three Sexy Products to Unleash the Inner Divine Sex Goddess

Body Dew

Body Dew is a must have for all women. This after shower or bath moisturising body oil makes you feel silky smooth while hydrating your skin all day, it is fast absorbing and long lasting.

Your skin should be slightly damp when applying, so great for busy women. Other great uses include helping your tan last longer and enhancing the colour of tattoos by rehydrating the skin. This product does not contain parabens or sulphates.

Body Dew RRP: $29.95 (236 ml)

Luminizing Body Butter

This luxuriously creamy body butter delivers superior skin hydration by blending creamy Brazilian Murumuru and Cupuacu butters, with luscious jojoba, coconut and avocado oils. It includes age-defying antioxidants found in Cranberry and Acai oils to help keep skin young and supple-looking and infused a pure pearl pigment to give the entire body a subtle and sexy luminescent glow. The butter is delicately scented with notes of sumptuous blackberry, honey and vanilla.

Booty Parlor Luminizing Body Butter RRP: $39.95

Silky Sheets

This is a product with multi-uses. This powdered spray can be used as a room deodoriser and also creates a satin feel on bed sheets. The 'Forbidden Fruit' scent makes any room smell divine and helps create romance in the bedroom. But the real amazing aspect is that you can also use it to help 'dry up' any beads of moisture, which means you never have to sleep in the 'wet spot' again!

Silky Sheets RRP: $25.95

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