22 Daily struggles curly-haired girls understand

Here are 22 very real struggles all curly-haired girls go through every day.

Having curls is a blessing...according to people who don't have them, that is! Dealing with curls is a daily struggle. The amount of money we spend on hair products is enough to drive us to homelessness, the time we spend straightening our hair or trying to manage frizz drives our partners insane and going to hair appointments almost requires a straitjacket.

Here are 22 very real struggles all curly-haired girls go through every day.

1. Brushing your hair isn't an option. Hello knots. Just try working a brush through dry hair.

2. You don't know where you would be in life without your hair straightener.

3. The biggest lie you’ve ever heard is “I’m sure it looks great curly”. How would you know? You’ve never even seen it.


4. No boyfriend will ever understand your struggle. It doesn't matter how much you try and explain it, you will always seem high maintenance.

5. You can't just casually brush your fingers through your hair. Unless you want to lose your fingers.

6. You spend the budget of a small developing nation on hair products because you're sure the perfect one is hiding from you. This is probably why you can't afford groceries.

7. A fringe is just not an option. Why would you even try this?

8. Oh, the influx of backhanded compliments. "Your hair looks so good when you straighten it..." oh thanks, so you're basically just saying it looks like crap the rest of the time.

9. Humidity is your arch nemesis.


10. You have, on more than one occasion, tried to make your blowout last a week. Who hasn't tried this?

11. Somehow, you still seem to have the exact same amount of hair despite losing a small fur ball every day. Honestly, it's a wonder you aren't bald.

12. You envy those people who don't have to do anything to their hair. Seriously, WHO ARE YOU?


13. Washing your hair is a PROCESS. You've got your curl enhancing shampoo, deep-conditioning mask and an array of styling products that must be applied in the right order so you don't frizz up after your shower.

14. Short hair isn't an option for you. And you're forever envious of girls who can pull off a pixie cut.

15. Your awkward stage was infinitely worse than someone else who didn't have curly hair. Don't even tell me it wasn't.

16. Your shampoo and conditioner never run out at the same time. Because that would just be too easy, wouldn't it?

17. It's a daily battle with the hairbrush. You've broken so many hairbrushes in your time, there should be a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for it.


18. Up 'dos are a challenge. Your hair is never going to look good in a messy bun.

19. When you screw up your 'do, the only solution is to wash it. Because we all know brushing it isn't an option.

20. Your hair basically has a mind of its own. And as the day goes on, it just gets weirder.

21. You don't understand the term 'dime sized'. Are you trolling us? More like half the bottle of conditioner should do it.

22. But you've just learned to accept your wild mane and all the struggles that come with it.


Words: Emma Duffy


Emma is just your average book loving, tea drinking, story writing, narcissistic millennial on an eternal quest for the perfect t-shirt. Ever since she picked up her first copy of Dolly when she was twelve, she always knew she wanted to work in magazines. She would describe herself as a bit of a hopeless romantic with an obsession for true crime and horror and a love for red wine, whiskey or a stiff gin and tonic. When she's not binge watching Netflix or buying things she can't afford online, she spends her weekends trawling through bookstores and eating her way through Brisbane.