Beauty struggles every lazy girl relates to

The struggle is real.

Whoever said beauty is pain definitely wasn't kidding. Here's twenty beauty struggles ALL lazy girls know to be true.

1. Dry shampoo = LIFE. By the end of the week, your hair is pretty much 90% dry shampoo.

2. Washing your hair is a full blown workout.


3. Deep conditioning your hair? Aint nobody got time for that. Do you really expect me to stand around freezing for twenty minutes while I wait for you to penetrate my hair?!

4. Blow-drying is a skill you've never quite mastered so you're just living the air-dry life.

5. Skincare routine = makeup wipes (AKA legitimate proof god exists). Sometimes moisturiser, if we're feeling fancy.

6. Eye cream? Yeaaah we know it's important but so is drinking wine and watching Netflix.

7. Fake tan is pretty much the work of the devil. Putting it ALL over your body seems kind of pointless when only your arms, legs and ankles are on show. Not to mention it streaks, smells terrible and if you're not careful it can make you look like the Queen of Tonga.


8. And to the countless number of white sheets and bath towels ruined by fake tan stains, may you rest in peace.

9. Face masks? Facials? Haha, ain't nobody got time for that.

10. Attempting to straighten your hair when its naturally curly is a waste of time because those curls have a mind entirely of their own. WHY IS LIFE SO HARD.

11. But trying to curl your hair is equally as bad. Add a few waves in the front aaand we're over it. The back - remains poker straight. Meh.

12. Eyebrows when they are SO overgrown that you tell people you're growing them out, but you definitely aren't.

13. Smokey eye? Erm, no thanks. The last time you attempted one it just looked like someone punched you in the face.

14. False lashes are the most terrifying thing you've ever encountered.

15. Contouring? What is that, some form of medieval torture?

16. Shaving your legs is something you only do if you know you're going to be wearing a dress, skirt or shorts and definitely always before sex.


17. Applying makeup everyday is SO unrealistic. Yeah, we know looking good is important but so is sleeping in.

18. Avoiding wearing makeup on hot days because sweating it off while you're trying to put it on is what hell must be like.

19. Chipped nail polish. When your hands look like you've been foraging through the wilderness.

20. Multi-purpose products are our one true love.


Emma is just your average book loving, tea drinking, story writing, narcissistic millennial on an eternal quest for the perfect t-shirt. Ever since she picked up her first copy of Dolly when she was twelve, she always knew she wanted to work in magazines. She would describe herself as a bit of a hopeless romantic with an obsession for true crime and horror and a love for red wine, whiskey or a stiff gin and tonic. When she's not binge watching Netflix or buying things she can't afford online, she spends her weekends trawling through bookstores and eating her way through Brisbane.