12 things that don't define who you are at 30

Written by Jessica Lunan

Hear us out, 30 is basically the new 20.

Isn’t it ridiculous that when we were 16 we were pining for the days we would be a proper, successful adult? Yet here we are on the other side of 25 (the one where hangovers seem to last for four days), and with the golden age of 30 on the horizon (we seriously need sunglasses from the glare of the sun) it’s made us realise that maybe you actually never feel like a real, proper adult.

This has inspired us to think about all the things our younger selves thought we’d have achieved by the age of 30. And what a shock it is! Here are 13 things we always thought we’d have conquered by the age of 30, and that not achieving these goals doesn't define us!

Buying a house

And that this doesn’t just magically happen. Building or buying our own home has always been the dream. We can design the layout however we want, not live with the fear of never getting our bond back (where can we hang our latest Kerrie Hess piece?) and having a space that is totally ours. Yet, the reality is buying your own home is a lot of work. It’s years of saving, mortgages and hard work. There’s some amazing rental spaces out there (where you can actually hang things on the walls and have pets), and if you continue to work towards buying your own home we’re sure you’ll achieve this goal.

Be married or in a long-term relationship

We’re guilty of stressing over the fact that we’d be happily married or in a long-term relationship well before the age of 30. Yet, the truth is with the #GirlBoss mentality that our generation has, we’ve seemed to make our careers our number one priority. It’s true that a relationship doesn’t define who we are, and if it’s something we really want it will happen. Our mister right is out there.

Start a family

There’s something about the thought of having children that is incredible. Yet, the reality is almost too scary for us to handle. Being responsible for a child is a big responsibility, ok! And we take our hats off to all the parents out there who are doing an amazing job!

Know what you want to do with your life

Yep, this feeling never seems to really go away. While we love our careers and generally love our lives, it’s always the unknown, the multitude of opportunities and our sense of adventure that keeps us wondering how we can push the boundaries. How else can we find happiness?

Travel the globe

Eating macaroons at the Louvre in Paris, climbing Pichu Pichu in Peru, throwing ourselves into the Japanese culture- travelling the globe is definitely one goal that the majority of us have on our bucket lists. Feeling like a failure for not travelling as much as you’d dreamed is a joke! We have so many years ahead of you, so let’s make those dreams our reality.

Finally being on top of our housework

To some, being organised and tidy just seems to be natural. Yet, for those of us who are organised in a different type of way (aka these Neat Freak’s definition of chaos) staying on top of our housework can be a real problem. How did our parents make it look so effortless? They don’t say adult struggles for nothing, right?

Schedule appointments and to-do lists in your diary

They say organisation is next to Godliness, and for those who always end up in an unorganised mess can understand how difficult being organised can be. The truth is, organisation takes practice and it’s never too late to start learning. You’ll feel relieved and relaxed knowing you’re not forgetting anything important.

Handle our alcohol

And stop going out almost every Saturday night. Some of us are just born party animals...


Have cheat meals at least once (or twice) a day

When you think about an adult’s diet, how many of us picture super healthy, clean meals for breakfast, lunch and tea? While it’s important to eat quality meals, you’ve always got to treat yo’self.

Fall victim to fashion trends

Ok, we admit that with 30 years under our belts we feel like we’ve found the secret to dressing for our body shape. Yet that doesn’t mean that sometimes we slip up, especially when the latest trends are involved. Fashion is made to experiment with, right?

Have a good workout routine

And that we’d stop trying to come up with countless excuses to skip that weekly Pilates class...

Love our job

We hope that everyone out there is happy within their job, yet sometimes doing the same thing each and every day can be tiring. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to experiment with different occupations to find what we truly love. You can never have too much knowledge, right?

Treat ourselves at least once a week

And if this isn’t happening, major change is needed! It’s important to take time out, switch off our phones and escape the stress of everyday life. Treat yourself to a massage, facial or even manicure at least once a week. When you’re feelin’ good life is good!

What we’re saying is 30 is the new 20, but with more sophistication, wisdom and drive. Don’t let your reperceived thoughts of what 30 should be get you down. We’re fabulous, fun and ready to slay whatever our age!