12 stunning manicure trends to try in 2017

Written by Jessica Lunan


If there’s one thing we’re obsessed with it’s our nails! There’s just something that feels so great about having a fresh manicure. Not only is it a great way to dip our fingers into the latest trends, but having immaculate fingertips just makes us feel like our whole life is in check!

In the manicure world, 2017 is all about stepping away from your classic red nails and shaking things up. Think outrageous pops of colour, metallics and geometric lines. But don’t fret, it’s not as crazy as it sounds (and nothing compared to furry nails).

It’s time to book your next nail appointment as here are the nail trends you’ll be coveting this 2017!

Metallic pops


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Yep, the same metallic trend that’s overtaking your wardrobe has trickled into our beauty routines. Think metallic accents, glitters, gradient nails and full blown silver, gold and copper nails. These are perfect for any party or to inject a bit of playful glam into your everyday life.



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Lines upon lines upon lines! Play with line width and colour for an eye-catching manicure. Plus, with a steady hand and thin brush this is one you can master at home!

Colour blocking


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A major trend for 2017, colour blocking is escaping our wardrobes and being featured on our nails. Opt for two contrasting colours, or go all out with an array of colours. Play with shapes and designs for an eye-catching look.

Modern French

A look that’s been splashed across the runways, the modern French is stunning! With this trend, replace the usual white tip of your French manicure with a bold colour. Or go all out and have an array of hues along your tips.



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A new classic that isn’t going anywhere this season, expect to see nudes starting with light greys right up to subtle pinks being featured on our nails. This is a subtle look that’ll be relevant every season this 2017.

Walk the line

A thin, barely there line on all of your nails is set to be huge this year. Usually in black or metallic, either have a thin line in the middle of all of your nails, or shake things up and have then going in different directions on each nail.

Cuticle play


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An area that is mostly forgotten, 2017 is definitely the year of the cuticle, as strange as that sounds! Seen across the runways, bring attention to your cuticles by focusing the art at the bottom of your nails.

Holographic shines


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Although this look is very similar to the metallic pops, we are so in love with this look that it deserves its own spiel. Thanks to holographic lips, we’ve quickly become obsessed with everything iridescent! A simple line of a holographic polish in the middle of the nail, with the sides left natural is oh so simple yet sophisticated.

Feature nails


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This isn’t a new trend, but it’s the colours and patterns that you opt for that will make it on trend! If you’re creating feature nails, ensure that each nail is completely different (but match your other hand). Play with lines and metallics on a neutral base for an on trend manicure.



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Ok, ok, we admit we’re STILL obsessed with marbles. And while it’s been splashed across our interiors and stationary, there’s no reason to feature our fave stone on our nails, right? We mean matching is all the rage!

Watercolour nails

A subtly beautiful look, we are in love with watercolour nails. It involves watering down your favourite shades and blending them together along the tips of your nails, then finishing off with a clear gloss. OBSESSED!


Along with lines, dots are being sprinkled across our nails this year. For an edgy, minimalistic take, dab only one dot in a dark shade on your natural nail then finish with a clear polish. The result is subtle but intriguing!