The best beauty hacks to simplify your life


Beauty Editors love to keep up to date the latest and shiniest (yes we have crow-like tendencies) beauty products on the market, but even we sometimes need to get by in a pinch! These beauty hacks are some of the best makeup and skincare shortcuts and money-saving cheats!

For an alternative eyebrow-setting product, spray hairspray on a spoolie and brush through your eyebrows to set them in place.

Hate that sticky feeling when you apply moisturiser in Summer? For smooth skin without the residue, apply baby oil onto wet skin as soon as you step out of the shower, then pat your skin dry with your towel for instantly soft pins.

To avoid the powdery residue often caused by dry shampoo, spray the product into your hair the night before so that it can work into your scalp while you sleep.

Most of your makeup products are multi-tasking without you even realising! Did you know that you can use bronzer as an eyeshadow, cream blush as a lip tint or lipstick as a blush?

To instantly de-puff your under-eye area, store your eye cream in the fridge. The cooling feeling under your eyes will make you feel more awake!

A great alcohol and paraben free primer that is suitable for sensitive skin AND really affordable is mens aftershave! Try the Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm – sounds weird but works great as a primer!

Hold a tablespoon above your eyelashes as you apply mascara to avoid any smudges on your eyelid.


Place sticky tape at an angle, from the corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow, to stop any fallout from your eyeshadow.

Twist small sections of your hair and run over it with a straightener to create effortless soft waves.

To create the illusion of bigger eyes, run a nude eyeliner along the tight line of your bottom lashes.

For serious curl, heat your eyelash curler with your hairdryer for 5 seconds before use. It goes without saying that you should feel the temperature with your finger to avoid burning your eye!

If you run out of makeup remover, grab the coconut oil that we know has been sitting in your pantry since you binge shopped for your ‘healthy lifestyle’ and use it as a makeup remover!

Fix smashed powder compacts by applying a rubbing alcohol over the powder and pressing it into place.

Words: Frances van Eeden