10 subtle changes to make for a healthier life

Written by Jessica Lunan

happyhealthy02Image: source.

It seems like we are on a never ending quest to pursue a happy, healthy life. Experts are often telling us the latest diet, exercise and relationship advice that will transform our wellbeing for the better. Yet the reality is we often go back to our old habits of eating a meatlovers pizza after following a strict vegan diet for 3 days, avoiding our Pilates class and succumb to the texts from that the player who we can’t seem to resist.

And while these habits often make us feel down on ourselves, they’re what make us human. However, there are subtle, not so obvious changes that you can make in your daily routine that will instantly improve your life. And we promise you’ll hardly notice you’re making them!

Here are 10 unobvious changes you can make for a healthier lifestyle.

Take your makeup off each night

We understand the struggle of staggering home after a night out when all you want to do is crawl into bed. And we must admit it’s lucky enough if we use a makeup wipe let alone complete our whole skincare routine after a night of drinks or a busy day. However, being slack in this department is doing a whole lot of harm to your skin, and even advancing the signs of aging!

Use an oil cleanser to begin removing your makeup, then follow up with a foam cleanser to remove any lingering traces. We promise you’ll feel clean, refreshed and your skin will be glowin’ in no time (and who can say no to that)!

Call your Mum

Or your bestie for a quick catch up or weekly rant. Talking to someone you love increases endorphins, and as a result you’ll be beaming from ear to ear.

Watch a Ryan Gosling movie

For obvious reasons.


See a therapist

If you haven’t already, seeing a therapist will help you get through the bad times and increase the good. Stigma associated to seeing a psychologist is now of the past. There is nothing more invigorating than getting issues off your chest in a confidential environment. And TBH, we all need a little rant every now and then.

Forget toxic relationships

It’s finally time to cleanse your relationships of toxic individuals. Whether that’s f*boys, frenemies or petty work drama, remind yourself you deserve loving, supportive relationships. Once you’ve made the cull we ensure you’ll attract a multitude of individuals who value your friendship and love.

Embrace your inner Beyoncé

We mean, she slays at everything! Style, dancing, music, success! But what we love the most is her confidence! When times get tough pump some Queen Bey and remind yourself that you’ve got this, because truthfully you do!


Book that holiday

Stop putting off that holiday to Hawaii or that European escape! It’s time to start ticking off your bucket lists. If you have the money, put time in for your holidays and book that ticket! If you haven’t, start planning when it’s feasible for you to go and start saving. There’s no time like the present to explore the world.

Treat yo’self!

We all have our vices, whether that’s chocolate, shopping or red wine. Ensure you treat yourself at least once a week. Get a facial, splurge on those shoes or enjoy a cupcake. You deserve it!

Organise your wardrobe

When our wardrobes are organised, our whole lives feel in check. Fair enough it feels like such a chore, but cleansing our wardrobes each season (or at least once a year) will help you feel calmer and will ensure your closet isn’t an explosion of unworn clothes, as much as you say to yourself you will wear them one day.

Manifest an amazing day

Every morning when you wake up tell yourself ‘today is going to be amazing’. We all have our off days, but by adjusting our mindset and changing negative thoughts to positive statements you’ll quickly radiate happiness. And there’s nothing healthier than that.