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Fashion Week | The Fashion Heist at MBFWA

The Fashion Heist at MBFWA 2014 Photography by Lily Blue Communications

Racing to Carriageworks whilst buttoning up my Proenza Schouler dress then double-checking my bag for all my writing equipment was my first day at Sydney Fashion Week. It was marvelously scary, since I was already running late to my first show Streatas.Carlucci. But once you're in your seat and watching the designs waltz down the runway all the stress of endless writing just melts away. Sydney Fashion Week is more than just a week of fashion; it's where all the dreamers come together to create this magical style rollercoaster.

As a writer and fashion creative it was a dream come true my first fashion week, before I left I was biting my nails hoping my accreditation for The Digital Fashion Platform was accepted.

Australian Vogues finest front row at MBFWA Photography by Aicha Robertson

Aicha front row at Cameo Photography by Mel Carrero

Seeing your favourite style icons during Fashion Week must have been one of the surreal things I nearly got used to! You can't help but get extremely excited about seeing what Nicole Warne (Gary Pepper Girl) or Christine Centenera has on next, or the unforgettable moments of seeing Amanda Shadforth with her gorgeous and oh-so-stylish son walking down the stairs to Carriageworks. And on top of that there's the amazing fashion shows, the standouts for myself were Song for the Mute who had Lupe Fiasco walking in their show, Swarovski, the Innovators (showcase of emerging designers) and Emma Mulholland. Oh and I can't forget the amazing Aje. Safari experience installation, that was simply incredible, as I had worked for Eddie and Adrian before so it felt extra special.

A beautiful mirage with Aje. at MBFWA 2014 Photography by Aicha Robertson for The Digital Fashion Platform.

Aicha at MBFWA 2014 Photography by The Fashion Heist

Everyone definitely needs to have a fashion week experience, it is irresistibly unforgettable and I can't wait to do it all over again. Being a fashion feature writer for The Digital Fashion Platform has helped open many chic and stylish doors for me, and the future is looking quite exciting to. If I leave any piece of advice for future fashion week goers, it would be to bring a portable phone charger, even though there is charging stations you never know when your phone will possibly go flat!

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