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We caught up with the We Are Kindred design duo to talk their Resort 16/17 collection and why they love Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

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Since their debut in 2013, We Are Kindred has been making a major impact within the national and international fashion scenes for their floaty, bohemian designs. In the wake of their show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA), we caught up with the sister design duo Lizzie and Georgie Renkert to discuss their upcoming Resort 16/17 collection titled Stealing Beauty, their thoughts on MBFWA and why social media is important for a brands success.

What can we expect on the runway this year?

L&G: We are keeping with our usual aesthetic with lots of prints and femininity, but we've revved it up with lots of embroidery too. We've been inspired a lot by tapestries and it's a really beautiful colour palette of sage, mint terracotta. It's really beautiful.

What are three words to describe the collection?

L&G: Beautiful, sexy and eclectic.

Why do you choose to showcase at MBFW?

L&G: We know who our customer is, and we really want to showcase who we are as a brand. MBFW is a great way to showcase what you do to a really massive audience.

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Do you support the possible shift from a fashion season calendar to a see-now-buy-now scheme?

L&G: I see the benefit in changing to a consumer show schedule because everything these days is about the buy-now-wear-now circumstance. So it makes sense to cater to your consumer. It would be frustrating for them because if there's something that they love on the runway they can't buy it for another six months. From a logistics perspective you've got your standalone stores and online boutiques, but the see-now-buy-now scheme wouldn't work for wholesale buyers. I don't think there will be one or the other; I think it will eventually merge into both.

Why is social media so important to your brand?

L&G: It's the way we sell clothes, it's the way we market ourselves and it's the way we reach our customers... it's everything to our business. It's been a way for us to communicate our aesthetic and our brand message to our audience that we wouldn't have reached otherwise.

Do you have any future campaigns planned to fuse fashion and social media?

L&G: We're always talking to digital influencers in the fashion industry and collaborating. Every time we do a shoot or launch a campaign the entire strategy is about social.

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What's the process for prepping for MBFW?

L&G: This week has been one of the craziest of our lives. Georgie's had the flu which has been great - not! At the moment we're on our way to a shoot with the daily telegraph for the Sunday paper and then tomorrow we're doing last minute prepping with all of our models. We've cast everyone, we've done make up trials so now it’s just the finishing touches.

Are you excited?

L&G: Yeah, we're really excited! Obviously it's nerve-wracking because we want everyone to love the product as much as we love it... so it's always stressful but we are really proud of what we've done and we're so excited to showcase it to so many people at the one time.

To keep up with everything We Are Kindred, and to have an exclusive behind the scenes look at their Resort 16/17 show, be sure to follow their Instagram.



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