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Revoque is ready to take the runway by storm at ADEVEE Fashion Festival.

Revoque is ready to take the runway by storm at ADEVEE Fashion Festival.

The countdown is on for ADEVEE Fashion Festival this October. Taking place in Melbourne, the fashion filled event will bridge the gap between stylish clothes and size. It doesn't end there, as ADEVEE Fashion's eBoutique is home to an array of designers who make clothes for curve and inbetweenie men and women. So shopping can now be a breeze no matter where you are in Australia and beyond.

To celebrate, we spoke with Danica Ryan from Revoque who will be showcasing her new collection at this show-stopping affair. Have you grabbed your tickets yet?

Read her exclusive interview with Fashion Weekly below.

Let's talk about how you came to this industry. Danica, how and when did your fashion career begin?

DR: My background has always been in fashion, before having my babies I was actually in a fashion buying role. This role gave me a greater understanding and experience for the road ahead in my own label. Without this knowledge I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Which style seems to be the cult classic that your customers seem to love?

DR: My go to designs are definitely the A-line dresses. These designs seem to suit everybody's shape and hide a multitude of sins. They give a great shape with a fitted waist that creates a classic hourglass shape on any woman.

Revoque is ready to take the runway by storm at ADEVEE Fashion Festival.

Since starting your label, you’ve focused on ‘stylish fashion for the modern mama.’ Why is this important to you?

DR: I started the label initially after becoming a mama myself. I struggled to find sexy yet practical designs that were suitable for cocktail events. I needed deep pockets for all my children’s accessories and room for my phone to keep them entertained. It was difficult to find something modern, so I set out to do this myself. After having children my body naturally changed and my hips spread and I struggled to find anything to fit. I am hoping to help similar women feel glamorous yet comfortable.

The hype is starting to build around Adevee Fashion Festival as ticket purchases are getting snapped up quickly. Can you tell us why you're excited to showcase your label, Revoque, at the highly-anticipated fashion event?

DR: Adevee is such a great platform and I am honoured to be involved with such driven women such as Karina who is paving the way for modern curvy women. The average size is 16, so it is exciting to be involved in something that caters for the everyday woman.

In a few words, how would you describe your new collection that will be showcased at Adevee Fashion Festival?

DR: I have really tried to focus on bringing in the sexy factor in this new collection. I have a few more fitted designs (Revoque has slightly wider hip measurements compared to standard Australia sizing). I have also broken my black code and have brought in some lighter, fresher summer colours with a soft ivory and stone colours.

Revoque is now stocked on Adevee Fashion’s eBoutique. Why is this a positive alignment for your label?

DR: Adevee is paving the way for curvy fashion, this is where Revoque also sits.

Revoque is ready to take the runway by storm at ADEVEE Fashion Festival.

You've stated on your website that you 'struggled to find designs that suited your new body shape after having your first daughter', which inspired you to design clothes to suit your new lifestyle. Do you think curve and inbetweenie fashion should be more inclusive rather than segregated?

DR: I actually don’t separate my sizing and am hoping to slowly increase my size range over time. I will never segregate. I work hard on my designs so that they look amazing on a size 8 – size 20. I don’t have any need to separate when my designs are the same for all sizes. In my opinion size shouldn’t matter, it’s the designs that count and all sizes should have the availability to these.

If there was one thing you could change about the mainstream fashion industry, what would it be?

DR: This is a tough question, I think referring back I would like to see all sizes included in gorgeous designs.

In your own words, why should our readers buy tickets to Adevee Fashion Festival?

DR: This is the fashion event to pave the way for the future of modern fashion for women and men of all sizes.

What's next for Revoque?

DR: I am actually working on expanding the brand into a Revoque relax collection which will include a softer, crease free fabric with more casual designs yet still with a chic and sophisticated look.

To find out more about the ADEVEE Fashion Festival head to their official website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. To peruse Revoque’s latest collection visit www.revoque.com.au and stay in the loop via Facebook and Instagram.

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