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Nadia Bartel on style tips, accessory trends and fashion favourites.

Nadia Bartel on style tips, accessory trends and fashion favourites.

Westfield Carindale will be hosting an intimate dinner with style icon, Nadia Bartel as she presents the latest trends for autumn winter 2017.

Ahead of the launch, we had a chance to chat with the blogger superstar from Chronicles of Nadia, about the complicated corset trend and what she enjoys to do after putting her son Ashton, to bed.

Can you tell us about your involvement with Thursday's event at Westfield Carindale?

NB: We're going to be enjoying a few different fashion shows, and a lovely dinner. I'll be up on stage with the lovely MC to be talking about style tips and fashion trends. And then on Saturday I've edited ... a few runway looks. I've used the key retailers from Westfield Carindale that I love such as Oroton and Sass & Bide ... we have such an array of great designers. I'm really excited to be involved.

I also love winter fashion. I think it's my favourite .... even though it's warm in Melbourne at the moment. I have the [Virgin Melbourne Fashion Festival] on tonight. I just want to be wearing these awesome furs and lace jackets.

That's the thing about winter fashion, it's all about layering and it's easier to be experimental.

NB: Yes,  you are so right. You can really make fashion your own. I think when it's warm, you don't have as many options as you do in winter.

We have some great trends coming through this season, what trends are you most excited about exploring?

NB: I think that it would have to be florals. I'm normally very conservative with black, white and grey - they are my staple looks. But I just love the whole floral trend that's going on around. And I think it's all about mixing and matching and print clashing and I think we can thank Gucci for that. But I love those deep tones and those burgundy and greens that are coming through.

Nadia Bartel on style tips, accessory trends and fashion favourites.

What three pieces should every woman have in her wardrobe this season?

NB: It's probably going to be a boring answer, but these are the best three pieces.

Blazer: A black oversized blazer. Make sure it's not short in the length. When it's a bit more oversized ... it makes you look a bit slimmer.

White shirt: It's a staple of mine that I always come back to and it's a great transeasonal piece.

Ankle boots: They're always something that I'm gravitating towards in summer or winter. When you have a great pair of ankle boots, you can wear them all day or all night.

What will be the 'it' accessory for the cooler months?

NB: I think it's going to be about belts.

It's all about that cinched in waist... Belts will be key!

The corset trend is making quite the statement.

NB: I love that corset trend. I think it's really cool.


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Do you have any tips for our readers on how to wear it?

NB: It's a hard one to wear. I've seen it on Instagram or in the magazines and you're like, 'that looks sick but how am I supposed to wear it'?

Look for a corset that doesn't have too much boning ... I like to wear the corset in a tonal look, like one colour up and down.

What do you think will be the most prominent colour of the season?

NB: I think more than anything else, burgundy. I've noticed a lot of burgundy coming through.

You're a busy career woman, wife and mother. How do you maintain your schedule, stay on top of things and find balance?

NB: It's so hard! (she giggles)

It's super hard for me because family always comes first. Ashton (son) and Jim (husband) is number one.

But I think the key to maintaining it all is having a routine and schedule. It's hard, but Jim and I share our challenges. We try to know what we're up to for the next month and work that way.

We also make sure we have our special time as well ... You don't want to be working too much that you don't get to enjoy all the fun times as well.

You're such a fashion icon. What is your style secret to always looking on-trend and put together?

NB: I'm a big believer in having your uniform. Have a look that you always fall to. Somedays I may only have 5-10 minutes to get ready with Ashton. I know that I can wear those pants, that shirt and then I'll throw on my blazer or leather jacket or it could be some fur. I notice that is my go to look.

So I think it's all about having a look that you know looks good on you. It's the same with my makeup routine. I've sort of cut it down. It's a really quick routine now where it's all about mascara and dry shampoo and I'm out the door. It's about knowing what works for you and then you can master it really quickly.

How do you stay in the know with what's going on in fashion and how do you stay inspired?

NB: I love Instagram ... because you can feel in touch with everyone from around the globe. I love following some really great bloggers overseas.

I also love following the international runways and following the street style looks as well. That's when you can really see what's going on and what we'll be wearing in the next 6-10 months. That's my way of staying inspired.

It's also really nice to do once Ashton is asleep, I can catch up on everything and see what's happening.

Nadia Bartel on style tips, accessory trends and fashion favourites.

Body positivity has been a massive topic of conversation lately. What's one piece of fashion advice you would give women surrounding this topic?

NB: I think that my biggest fashion advice about body positivity is just to be really comfortable in your own skin and what you're wearing.

The times that I've felt the most confident and happy is when I'm just wearing something that I feel great in. Don't follow the trends ... wear what you feel comfortable in and then you will be positive and you will have a really good feeling about yourself.

What's next for you?

NB: I'm just really concentrating on my online store. We just did a trip to China. I've got some different and really exciting things that I'm launching over the coming months.


Style icon Nadia Bartel is hosting a “Lunch With Nadia” as part of Westfield’s Fashion Weekend on the 18th of March.

The event will see Nadia hosting fashion parades and chatting through the curated looks and her favourite Autumn Winter trends and how to wear them. It’ll also be a chance for shoppers to meet her and chat through all things motherhood, career and how to juggle everything she does. More details on www.westfield.com.au/Carindale

WHEN: 12 – 2 PM, Saturday 18 March 2017

WHERE: Westfield Carindale


Shoppers will have access to over 200 offers from their favourite brands. To celebrate, Westfields across the country will also be hosting celebrity appearances, free sampling pop-ups, in-store styling sessions and beauty workshops

WHEN: Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 March

WHERE: Westfield centres, nationally



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