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Take a glimpse into the busy and fascinating life that designer and founder, Kate Davis-Steer from SunSoaked leads as she plunges into the swimwear market with her latest collection, "La Dolce Vita".

Take a glimpse into the busy and fascinating life that designer and founder, Kate Davis-Steer from SunSoaked leads as she plunges into the swimwear market with her latest collection, "La Dolce Vita".
Kate Davis-Steer, Designer and Founder of SunSoaked 

We caught up with Brisbane-based designer, Kate Davis-Steer from SunSoaked, who takes us through her day - from early morning wake ups through to juggling her empire before lights out at 11:30pm.  

But first, we have a few questions around her new collection that has launched for Summer 2017. 

Since establishing SunSoaked in 2012, you’ve already accomplished so much including being stocked in Sunburn stores nationally. If you had to list only one thing, what is your secret to success?

KDS: Persistence. I think this is the one thing that is essential for succeeding in business. It permeates every part of my business and every stage of the process – from persisting in the design of each garment so that it fits and flatters everyday bodies size 8 -20, to persisting in getting the sample fabric and finish to the highest standard. In the early stages it was sticking with my self belief and determination when there was no one else around and doing the hard yards at markets and popups. Now, it is about persisting to find the right team and stockists who are as passionate about the brand as I am and are simpatico in the vision I have. There is no easy road but I do stop every now and then and really appreciate how far I have come and have those “pinch me” moments.

How would you describe your latest summer collection?

KDS: We called it “La Dolce Vita” or The Sweet Life because I really wanted women to celebrate how they enjoy the sun, and bring a splash of Italian glamour to the everyday. By providing effortlessly stylish, flattering, comfortable sunsafe options for swim and resort wear, I want women to look and feel fabulous so they can focus on enjoying their SunSoaked life and making memories. The range encompasses 60+ piece collection of UPF 50+ swim and UPF 25 + resort across 5 statement prints. And solids are really universally figure enhancing, ultimately wearable and definitely sunsafe chic!

Your gorgeous swimwear range is all UPF50+. What’s one thing you would like to remind our Fashion Weekly readers about sun-safety?

KDS: The one thing people need to know is that Melanoma is 96-98% preventable. Our love affair with, and glorification of, the tan has got to stop. It is literally killing us. Skin cancer is on the rise globally and Australia and New Zealand have the highest incidence and mortality rates of melanoma in the world. Queensland registers the highest rate of skin cancer in the world.

Melanoma accounts for more than one-quarter of all cancers among Australians aged 15–45years. The major factors contributing to skin cancer are connected to recreational exposure to the sun and a history of sunburn. Both factors are within our control, we can take the appropriate precautions to protect ourselves.

Exposure to the sun can be life threatening but at best it is the #1 cause of premature ageing and wrinkles. So really the best way to love the skin you’re in and our wonderful lifestyle is to wear a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and choose UPF 50+ sunsafe chic SunSoaked swimwear.

What big plans do you have for SunSoaked in the near future?

KDS: With a national retailer now on board, SunSoaked really has taken a leap into the next phase of growth. It’s now all about consolidating and laying strong foundations and processes so we can continue to expand the brand internationally. I am very passionate about sunsafety and shifting mindsets and behaviour in the next generation. I want to see SunSoaked as the leading luxury sunsafe brand globally, but equally I want the brand to continue to promote beauty diversity, ageless style, body confidence and change the media landscape with our #SunSoakedSisterhood movement and advertising campaigns.

Take a glimpse into the busy and fascinating life that designer and founder, Kate Davis-Steer from SunSoaked leads as she plunges into the swimwear market with her latest collection, "La Dolce Vita".

Timeline: A Day In The Life of Kate Davis Steer

5.30am: I start checking emails and going through my list of what needs to be done for the day. I also do my social posts and get them out of the way.

6.30am: Get myself and my daughter sorted for the day. She has a lot of dance commitments and I have work meetings usually, so we always need to pack the car for before, during and after school activities. Sometimes it looks like we are packing the car for a week away!

7.30-8am: Do the school run. We always eat breakfast in the car! I know it’s not ideal but mornings are always a juggle to get work done and get ready for the day so it works for us!

9am: I try to do my meetings in the morning straight from school drop off so I’m usually running off somewhere first up from fit meetings to agents to organising events.

11am: Is back in the office to sort out any paperwork/emails that need to be dealt with and check in with staff on how the day is progressing. Being a deadline based business means we need to ensure things are dealt with in a timely manner.

1pm: If I’m lucky I get to stop for lunch for 10-15 minutes, sometimes eaten at my desk or on the run!

1.15pm: Try to cram in more work before I am racing out for school pick up!

2.30pm: Leave to pick up my daughter. I spend quite a bit of time in the car so I try to use this time for any phone calls I need to make.

3pm: School pick up and ferrying said daughter to dance classes! Luckily school and dance are close together! While she’s in her classes I work on phone calls and emails.

5pm: We usually head home about this time and catch up on what’s happened during our respective days. I find even though we spend quite a bit of time in the car it’s a great opportunity to catch up and connect with each other. It’s like a captive audience right!? And it’s great because as my daughter gets older we get to keep the communication open.

6pm: We do quite a bit of cooking on the weekends and prepare meals for the week so we can just heat and serve, which works really well for us. We get home between 6 and 6.30pm and I can then get dinner on the table really quickly. Then on to any homework or planning for the next day.

8.30pm: I usually do a ‘night shift’ especially during Summer when things tend to get quite hectic. It’s a great time to catch up on the things that didn’t get done during the day as there are no interruptions.

11-12pm: I go usually try to get to bed by 11.30pm and asleep by 12. If I can get to bed by this time I’m fine and fully functioning the next day! I try to put aside half an hour at night before sleep to just totally zone out whether that’s with a book or watching a bit of Netflix!



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