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Want to shop fashion for real women? All you need is Coral & Co!

Want to shop fashion for real women? All you need is Coral & Co!

The ADEVEE Fashion Festival has been announced, and we couldn’t be more excited! Commencing in Melbourne on the 29th of October 2017, the festival will showcase designer fashion for in-betweenie and curve women. The weekend affair will be packed with lust worthy pieces for all shapes and sizes, fashion runways, VIP bags, celebrity guests and so much more.

In celebration of the anticipated ADEVEE Fashion Festival we caught up with Robyn Storer, Director of Coral & Co Australia, to talk about the hero piece of the season alongside the real issues women face when it comes to fashion.

How did you and ‘Fashion’ first meet?

RS: For as long as I have been able to dress myself, fashion has been an important part of who I am. I have been so fortunate to not only admire but wear pieces from some of the greatest fashion designers of the past few decades. From Lacroix, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Armani, Gucci and so many - I hoard them in my wardrobe.

In a few words, tell us about the journey from there to here.

RS: Not only I, but many woman I meet all face the same frustration of the lack of choice for women who, like myself, is a bit older and a bit bigger than a size 10. With artistic collaborations with great Australian talent, including the likes of model, Karina Bruce and Graphic Artist, Nicole Onslow, we have been able to create something on-trend, new and fresh, whilst being affordable and comfortable.

Who is the Coral & Co Australia woman?

RS: The Coral & Co woman is today’s woman – a woman who wants to look stylish but does not have hours in the morning to achieve that look. Today’s woman feels comfortable with her body and expects to wear clothes that flatter who she is, rather than clothes that demand she moulds her body to fit the fashion. Coral & Co Australia’s micro-pleated garments combine comfort and style, with on-trend colours and print direction with a focus on mix and match. The micro-pleated range is machine washable and does not require ironing (so they do not spend weeks in the ironing basket!) Thus, it meets the other major demand of the modern women – value for money.

Why are you excited to join the ADEVEE online store?

RS: ADEVEE offers a one stop fashion marketplace for the discerning Australian woman. Here, in one stop, the Australian woman can buy both local and imported fashion that offers style and sophistication. Importantly, it offers complete outfit styling across designers, for a classic mix-and-match, sophisticated fashion option.

Can you tell us about your new collection that we'll be seeing down the runway at ADEVEE Fashion Festival?

RS: Building on the success of the previous collection, Coral & Co Australia is now introducing new shapes and expanding the number of pieces of our mix and match offering. By popular demand we’re continuing with a new collection of underwater inspired prints as well as moving now to land to explore the range of unique Australian flora.

What's the hero piece of the season from your range?

RS: The Kimono Jacket in last season's print was a real show stopper, and our new wide sleeved Classic Kimono Jacket will be our new statement dressing piece. It’s the simplest way to add some 'wow' to your classic black dress or colour blocked outfit or even pair with denim jeans on the weekend.

Want to shop fashion for real women? All you need is Coral & Co!

What's one of the biggest issues women face when it comes to fashion?

RS: Fit and frump.

Firstly, fashion is predicated on the assumption that women are neatly packaged, with the same size top and bottom. However, real women come in all shapes and sizes. Secondly, the fashion industry assumes that women beyond a certain age or size have lost their interest in fashion beyond the realm of black jersey.

Why do you think it's important to celebrate and shine the spotlight on fashion for all shapes and sizes?

RS: Fashion needs to spotlight real woman and how they can look great. This harks back to the fit and frump assumption that mainstream fashion often makes. The fashion industry focuses on the ‘make it and they will come’ theory. This propaganda suggests that if your body does not fit their idea of what it should be, then it’s your fault and you need to starve and squeeze into what they choose to offer.

In your own words, why should our readers be excited to attend the ADEVEE Fashion Festival?

RS: ADEVEE offers a one stop fashion marketplace for the discerning Australian woman who has outgrown the typical younger online offerings. Here in one stop, Australian woman can buy local product that offers style and sophistication, tempered with a bit of fun. Importantly, it offers complete outfit styling across designers for classic mix-and-match sophisticated fashion.

What's next for Coral & Co Australia?

RS: Coral & Co Australia will continue to develop its brand, with new fabrics, unique prints and designs. This includes the soon-to be released micro-pleated tee top in our new super-soft fabric, a go–to piece for weekend wardrobes whilst still looking great in the office or for a night out on the town.

To find out more about the ADEVEE Fashion Festival head to their official website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. To peruse Coral & Co Australia’s latest collection visit www.coralandco.com.au and stay in the loop via Facebook and Instagram.

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