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Finally, a swimwear label that understands women with curves!  

Finally, a swimwear label that understands women with curves!

We're obsessed with Adevee Fashion, the online shopping boutique that is home to an array of designers who make clothes for curve and inbetweenie men and women. They are quickly proving to be the ultimate clothing, accessories and footwear destination as they bidge the gab between quality and consistent sizes. 

Just in time for the summer season, we sat down with swimwear designer, Kylie van Wanrooy from Beyond the Sea Swimwear, to talk body confidence and why she's excited to align her label with Adevee Fashion. 

Read her exclusive interview with Fashion Weekly below.

Tell us about the epiphany moment when you decided to follow your dreams and create ‘Beyond the Sea Swimwear’?

KvW: The concept for Beyond the Sea Swimwear was formed while at Wet and Wild on the Gold Coast. After struggling to find a flattering swimsuit to take on holidays (tried on around 30 pieces) and seeing mums looking uncomfortable in their swimwear around the water park, I thought I could offer something better.

How would you describe your swimwear label’s aesthetic?

KvW: Beyond the Sea has a retro vibe. Structure and support are integral to the label, and this can be found in swimsuits from the 50’s. Obviously, we are using modern fabrics, but the vintage inspiration is always there.

Which style seems to be the cult classic that your customers can’t get enough of season after season?

KvW: Our best selling one piece is the Rita boyleg maillot. This style has been included in all our collections, just using the prints from the current season. The fit is flattering and comfortable, which is all you can ask for in a swimsuit.

Finally, a swimwear label that understands women with curves!

Since starting your label, you’ve made sure to photograph size 12 models and above for your campaigns. Why is this important to you?

KvW: It is essential that Beyond the Sea Swimwear is photographed on the sizes it is designed for. Our best selling sizes are size 12-16, and as the Australian average size is 16, it just makes sense.

‘Beyond the Sea Swimwear’ is now stocked on Adevee Fashion’s eBoutique. Why is this an exciting alignment for your label?

KvW: Adevee supports independent Australian labels catering to the inbetween market- no one else is doing this. This is what Beyond the Sea is all about, and to finally have a platform that gets it is amazing!

What’s your ultimate tip to body confidence when rocking one of your swimsuits?

KvW: Just have fun with it! We offer a range of colourful prints, as well as a few basics to match. Find the style that works best for you (there are a few to choose from). When you feel comfortable, you will feel confident.

You've been designing since 2011, does it surprise you that curve and inbetween fashion isn’t yet mainstream?

KvW: It has really taken the mainstream media and the rest of the fashion industry a very long time to get with the program. I have been in the industry for 25 years, and it baffles me that labels aimed at the inbetween market continue to display their offerings on size 8 models. It is not relatable for the average woman. It is changing, very slowly though.

Finally, a swimwear label that understands women with curves!

If there was one thing you could change about the mainstream fashion industry, what would it be?

KvW: I would encourage them to be more real in the images they portray to the women of Australia. Think about who the customer is who loves their brand and be honest with them, respect them.

In your own words, why should our readers start shopping on Adevee’s eBoutique?

KvW: Adevee stocks some amazing independent Australian designers. You are guaranteed to find something different.

What's next for ‘Beyond the Sea Swimwear’?

KvW: I’m already working on next Summer’s range. I can’t reveal too much, but the prints have been chosen, just need to refine the styling.

To find out more about the ADEVEE Fashion head to their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. To peruse Beyond the Sea Swimwear's latest collection visit www.beyondthesea.com.au and stay in the loop via Facebook and Instagram.

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