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Fashion and art with Dina Broadhurst.

Fashion and art with Dina Broadhurst.

In celebration of Westfield Chermside’s $335 million redevelopment, renowned Australian artist, designer and collector, Dina Broadhurst will being featuring an exclusive live exhibition within the centre’s fashion precinct.

We caught up with Dina to talk the exhibition, why she loves fashion and whether it’s lonely to be a creative.

Congratulations on the launch of your latest collaboration with Westfield Chermside! We're looking forward to seeing the fashion precinct transformed into a beautiful art exhibition. Can you tell us about what we can expect to see?

Thank you it's such an amazing vision and I'm also so excited to see it all come together. It is the first time my work will not only be seen on such a large scale, but also as live 3D pieces, where the layers and elements of my work will be shown in actuality. Creating a journey where each piece of the collages tells a story, provokes an idea, or lets the viewer delve deeper into the images that are a celebration of beauty and emotion.

If you could describe this exhibition in three words, what would they be?

Desire, discovery and reflection.

You've created bespoke artworks for retailers such as Seafolly and Tony Bianco. Can you tell us about the process from the beginning concept to the final product?

The initial concept was working within my artistic themes, and enhancing certain elements and parts to be exaggerated and bought to life, with the introduction of new materials, or a repetition of materials, taking the works from a flat 2D surface to real life 3D. The Westfield space was considered as a whole living pathway/journey, working with the interior colour palettes and the large proportions of each individual "blank canvas" hoarding, with amazing help from the Westfield team on site. It was then a matter of curating some of my past works that will be displayed alongside the new bespoke pieces, showing a history and progression towards the new creations. Brands then provided a base image to which I first had to select the most suitable and the one that spoke to me, before delving into that image, drawing out my emotional reactions and feelings, touching on themes I wished to highlight and finally to find the aesthetic and visual way in which I would showcase these reactions. Using digital processes as well as hand cut collage and found objects, working with shape, colour & texture to creating harmonies or contrasts, the final message of layers allows us to open our mind to possibilities and perspectives.

You have a signature style of mixing photography and collage elements in 3D. What inspires you and how do you continue to push your creative boundaries?

My emotions, my relationships, my surroundings and environment are constant sources of inspiration. Music, friends, love, art, family and me - allowing myself me time to delve within myself too is very important. I continue to push my creative boundaries by pushing through my own barriers emotionally, to not give up, to not stop even in doubt, and to live with passion and emotion. To accept imperfections. And to reflect often is to grow. Don't put things away in boxes, let them out, talk, watch, ask opinions, look for answers, don't be afraid of questions.

Fashion and art with Dina Broadhurst.

Will you do this for the rest of your life?

I couldn't stop, even if I wanted to. My absolute passion for what I do gets me through the longest days and the hardest hours. Because I absolutely love what I do. It is me. How could I just stop being me.

As an artist, you are constantly evolving. Do you ever feel insecure about what you're putting out there and giving people?

I actually feel very confident with sharing my work and what I put out there. As I am such a practical black or white person, I think if it's not for someone they will just not put their time or energy into it. Rather than being insecure I am sometimes shocked that people will give constant attention to something that they "are not into" - that surprises me because I’m not that kind of person. If I love something I'm looking constantly. Giving praise. Being inspired. Letting it take up my time. So, I think it's generally what I get in return and that's what I'm putting out there in attitude too. If you’re into it, get on board, love, be inspired, let's share...and if not get into whatever it is you are into and let it consume you, it's wonderful.

What do you do to overcome a creative block?

The simple answer is to move to another job and come back to it. Or get outdoors and jog or feed yourself something yummy and good for the soul. Also, the ocean and swimming is so therapeutic for me. But my work is so varied with so much on at the one time, that I generally will not start something unless I am inspired, and always have something else to move onto.

Why do you love fashion?

Because it's an art form. It's sculptural. It's colour. It's texture. It allows you to play, to be a character, to try on a persona, its emotional. It's about desire and attraction. And it's beautiful.

Does it ever get lonely being a creative?
I love being alone. I crave it, so I’m lucky as it is a big part of the job being alone. But I have my family and close friends and relationships that are always there for me in the background anytime I need them. I have such unbelievable support and those close to me have a deep understanding of my need for freedom and alone time.

Are you left handed or right handed?

Right handed.

What's next for you?

I am working on my first book and also some new exciting and varied collaborations for the second half of the year, including a planned showcase in Miami early December.

Head to Westfield Chermside from the 6th of April, 2017 to June, 2017 to view the exhibition.



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