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Alison Dominy is ruffling some feathers as she joins ADEVEE Fashion in breaking down stereotypes around curve and inbetweenie fashion.

Alison Dominy is ruffling some feathers as she joins ADEVEE Fashion in breaking down stereotypes around curve and inbetweenie fashion.

If you haven't already heard, ADEVEE Fashion has launched their eBoutique that's home to an array of designers that make clothes for curve and inbetweenie men and women. They're also launching the first ADEVEE Fashion Festival in Melbourne this October which aims to bridge the gap between fashion and size. 

To celebrate, we have interviewed designer Alison Dominy who will be showcasing her collection down the festival's runway along with stocking her pieces on ADEVEE Fashion's online store. Read her exclusive interview with Fashion Weekly below. 

Here at Fashion Weekly, we’re massive fans of your label Alison Dominy. Can you tell us about the moment you decided to follow your dreams and launch your label?

AD: I wanted to be a fashion designer for many years and decided to study designing about 8 years ago. The defining moment was one day I woke up and thought I just don’t want to be an IT trainer anymore as it wasn’t fulfilling my creative side. I come from a long line of business owners, my dad, grandfather and great grandfather were business owners so it must be in my blood as I see owning your own business as a challenge.

Which style seems to be the cult classic every season that your customer can’t get enough of?

AD: If you can get your hands on a good tailored pant I say never let go. It took us many attempts to get our Emily pant right, so I’m not letting go of it. Regardless of size, every girl that has put a pair of these on has looked incredibly amazing. Plus, a tailored pant can be dressed up or down in so many different ways.

Since starting your label, you’ve focused on ‘redefining the realms of fashion to celebrate curvy women and the stylish lives they lead.’ Why is this important to you?

AD: I think back to when I first started working. I had to get inventive about how to dress as I had a curvy body and couldn’t fit into all the clothes I wanted to wear. I didn’t make much money, so I had to be smarter not harder on myself for not being a perfect size 8. And so, I worked out quickly that paying for quality products might cost more upfront, but in the long run would end up being the best bought item due to its longevity. We need to save our environment, I can’t stand our throw-away society. Sadly, it can take some 40 years for clothing items to break down. Alison Dominy Designs is trying to assist the change by creating well made clothes that will still be in your wardrobe for years. I don’t think a lot of ‘straight’ designers think enough about this.

The hype is starting to build around Adevee Fashion Festival as ticket purchases are getting snapped up quickly. Can you tell us why it’s important for your label, Alison Dominy to be showcased at an event such as this?

AD: Over the years, we have showcased on several runways and trade shows. ADEVEE is something new and exciting and I want to be a part of this journey that ultimately will change the Australian Curve scene. A lot of the Alison Dominy customers are Melbourne based so I’m really excited for my customers to get up close and personal to the brand.

What’s your favourite thing about being a fashion designer?

AD: Knowing everything there is to know about running a company. I worked in Project Management for 10 years prior to becoming a fashion designer and I really enjoy seeing a project run from initial inception right through to the end. I am obsessed with fabrics, so I get tremendous joy out of selecting quality fabrics for every style. Although this can cause many tiffs because I’m always going way over budget and need to be reeled in!

Why do you think so many people love Alison Dominy designs?

AD: I think Alison Dominy is a good building block for classic styles. Trust me, if you are obsessed with buying the latest trend then please try to leave enough in the kitty to buy at least 4 classic items a year. They will always be your ‘go to’ clothes when you have nothing else to wear and I think that is why people buy Alison Dominy because they can pair it back with anything else in their wardrobe.

Alison Dominy is ruffling some feathers as she joins ADEVEE Fashion in breaking down stereotypes around curve and inbetweenie fashion.

In a few words, how would you describe your new collection that will be showcased at Adevee Fashion Festival?

AD: Strong and womanly.

Alison Dominy is now shoppable at Adevee Fashion’s eBoutique. Why did you decide to join forces with them and why is this a positive alignment for your label?

AD: The clothes on ADEVEE seem to be a good mix from very ladylike to military. ADEVEE doesn’t have to apologise for who they are or what they represent. Co-Founder Karina Bruce is an extremely confident women and Alison Dominy Designs aligns with like-minded people. Ultimately the goal is for women to be proud of who they are and not give a damn if other people question their body shape because ‘we’ know everyone comes in all shapes and sizes.

Why should we be shining the spotlight and breaking down stereotypes surrounding curve and inbetweenie fashion?

AD: It’s long over-due. I’ve had curves my whole life and I think back 20 years ago, it was very depressing as there was no clothes to select from like there is today – so at least we are seeing some changes. The unfortunate thing is everyone has an opinion so they will never stop talking about inbetweenie and curve women, but the more we are in people’s faces I’m hoping the more accepting people will become over time and just accept people as they are.

In your own words, why should our readers buy tickets to Adevee Fashion Festival?

AD: Because it will be an awesome day out, you get the chance to dress up, have a champagne, mix with like- minded people and watch good designs walk the runway.

What does the future hold for Alison Dominy?

AD: We have some interesting things coming up, one thing being the broadening of our size range. We are on track with what Alison Dominy Designs stands for being classic attire, and are already seeing these results with customers coming back to buy one of each style within each collection which is a major compliment. I just want to continue creating fabulous designs for my customers and for them to get as much joy in my clothes as I do making them.

To find out more about the ADEVEE Fashion Festival head to their official website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. To peruse Alison Dominy’s latest collection visit www.alisondominy.com and stay in the loop via Facebook and Instagram.

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