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Are you seeking styles to keep you on trend and effortlessly chic? All you need is Adrift.

Are you seeking styles to keep you on trend and effortlessly chic? All you need is Adrift.

ADEVEE Fashion is the newly launched inbetweenie and curve shopping destination for Australian men and women. To celebrate this major milestone, come October they are hosting the first ADEVEE Fashion Festival in Melbourne. Aiming to bridge the gap between fashion and size, it’s set to be a fabulous event filled with incredible designs, flowing champagne, canapes and VIP gift bags!

On the day, ADEVEE’s own Fashion Director, Karina Bruce, will be joined by an amazing panel of fashion and lifestyle gurus to talk style tips, trends, designers, beauty and why the fashion industry needs to shine the spotlight on size 12 models.

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To celebrate we caught up with Rebecca Pullar, founder of Brisbane based Label, Adrift, to talk the show stopping pieces from her latest collection and why she’s thrilled to be partnering with ADEVEE.

Tell us about the epiphany moment when you decided to create Adrift.

RP: As a lawyer and busy mother of four, I didn’t have a lot of time for shopping (or much outside of work and family life to be honest). When I did have a moment to look around, I found the options were quite lacklustre – too expensive, too dated or somewhere in between. Whilst my life had changed quite significantly from my long days spent in an office, my desire to look and feel good had not!

So I set about designing my own collection of pieces that work across the seasons, are easy to wash-and-wear, accessibly-priced and most importantly – make a woman feel and look confident no matter her age, size or taste.

In 3 words, how would you describe your latest collection?

RP: Beautifully-made, wearable fashion. (I’m counting the first two words as one..!)

Are you seeking styles to keep you on trend and effortlessly chic? All you need is Adrift.

Who is the Adrift woman?

RP: The thing we are most proud of is that the ‘Adrift woman’ ranges in age from late teens through to their 70’s (and beyond). They differ in their tastes and style - and their size. Our very collaborative team work hard each and every day to better understand, and design, pieces that suit the brilliant group of women who are our customers.

Why are you excited to join the ADEVEE online store?

RP: We are thrilled to be a part of an e-commerce platform that celebrates women and allows them the opportunity to shop a range of curated brands. Especially as they have been carefully selected to make them look and feel their best!

Can you tell us about the inspirations behind your new collection strutting down the ADEVEE Fashion Festival runway?

RP: The pieces form part of our high summer collection and are designed to be worn for the kind of occasions that fill our calendars towards the end of the year. Such as backyard barbeques with friends, sunset drinks on a hot summer’s night, end-of-year functions, Christmas holidays by the beach, or just...because!

What will be the show stopping piece from your latest collection?

RP: For me (and many of our customers), the real show-stoppers in the latest collection are the dresses. We combine bright colours, fresh prints, embroidery and details in a range of shapes and styles that our customers just love.

Why is fashion of all shapes and sizes worth celebrating?

RP: From the outset, Adrift has been about wearable fashion for every woman. It’s always been about creating a range that has styles and shapes to suit everyone, and that is how it has stayed. Each of our pieces is available in sizes 8-24, which allows our customers to make their selection based on what they like – they do not have to miss out based on sizing (unless a piece is sold out!).

Are you seeking styles to keep you on trend and effortlessly chic? All you need is Adrift.

Why are you excited for the ADEVEE Fashion Festival?

RP: We are thrilled to be a part of a fresh, new fashion event that celebrates women!

What does the future hold for Adrift?

RP: It’s already been our biggest (and busiest) year at Adrift. We’ve launched our wholesale business which has been received really well, opened another store, launched onto ADEVEE and are getting ready to celebrate our biggest ever spring/summer season – not to mention our fifth birthday!

Watch this space, there are even bigger things to come.

To find out more about the ADEVEE Fashion Festival head to their official website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. To peruse Adrift’s latest collection visit www.adrift.com.au and stay in the loop via Facebook and Instagram.

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