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Take a glimse of the #InstaWorthy lives of the Sabo Skirt founders.

Take a glimse of the #InstaWorthy life of the Sabo Skirt founders.

You’ll know Thessy Kouzoukas and Yiota Kouzoukas as the mastermind fashionsita’s behind Australian label, Sabo Skirt. In just a short time of their operation already Sabo Skirt has reached national and international success, with their latest collections showing at New York Fashion Week with the likes of Gigi and Bella Hadid wearing their designs.

Here the pair exclusively shares what a typical day of their glam, life is like!

You both always look so effortlessly chic! What’s the secret to putting together lust worthy OOTD’s? Do you plan your outfits or decide on the day?

Thessy: Oh thank-you! We love pieces that are effortless and comfortable, we’re all about the not too “put together” look. We believe it’s important to dress and style our looks to suit our body shape while knowing we can tackle any activity we’re faced with throughout the day. I think when you feel confident in what you are wearing, you feel good about yourself and put out an effortless vibe. My key advice would be not to overthink it and just go with comfort.

As for myself personally, I must say I’m not always a master of planning my outfits! Sometimes I will wake up and want to have a casual day in my activewear, other days I want to get dressed up; it really depends on what I’m feeling.

Both of your Instagram’s are serious life goals! We understand that on social media there can be pressures to sometimes filter our lives. Do you ever find it difficult to maintain appearances while still remaining authentic?

Yiota: Thessy and I find social media as a way to share our love for fashion, and our social media channels reflect this. The content we upload to both our Instagram feeds and Instagram stories are accurate to our everyday lives. You will see us laughing, dancing and having fun with friends, and then you will see us posting photos of our daily outfits, taking selfies and the latest happenings at Sabo. Authenticity is really important to us! We are open people and are the same person on-or-off screen. We will always be like that.

Timeline: A Day In The Life of Thessy from Sabo Skirt


7:30am: Wake up, give Bobbi a quick snuggle and go through overnight Insta activity on the @saboskirt and @saboluxe accounts.

8:30am: Head into the office, summarise and discuss any new events that occurred the night before with the team and then get straight into my e-mails.

9am: Liaise with the design team on current collections and send through new inspiration for upcoming collections.

11am: Organise, liaise and sort through Sabo Skirt ambassador photos.

12pm: Team lunch either at our huge dining table with the whole team or venture to a local café or restaurant.

1pm: Do a quick photo shoot for the Sabo Skirt blog and a quick pic for our personal Instagram.

2pm: Clothing design sampling session with Yiota and designer.

3pm: Team workout and basketball game with our trainer.

5pm: Organise photo shoots, location and model scouting for any upcoming collections.

5:30pm: Make any date or location changes for booked photoshoots based on model or bad weather changes.

6pm: One last check of e-mails for the night. Usually a quick karaoke session with Yiota, George and whoever else is still left at work.

7pm: Have dinner with my fiancé, relax and unwind.

8pm: Shower and apply my purple hair mask to keep my blonde hair super ashy. I usually Facetime Yiota or one of my friends from the shower while I’m waiting for the hair mask to do its thing.

9pm: Scroll through Instagram for any shoot location or new model inspiration.

10pm: One last check of e-mails for the night, then time for bed.

To inject timeless Sabo Skirt peices into your wardobe be sure to visit their website.



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