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Take a glimpse into the busy and fascinating life that designer and founder, Deanne Mayocchi from Maiocchi leads as she launches her latest collection, "California Roll".

Take a glimpse into the busy and fascinating life that designer and founder, Deanne Mayocchi from Maiocchi leads as she launches her latest collection, "California Roll".

We caught up with Brisbane-based designer, Deanne Mayocchi from Maiocchi, who takes us through her day - from very early mornings, through to juggling family life and her fashion empire.

But first, we have a few questions around her new collection that has launched for Winter 2018.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your new collection, 'California Roll'?

DM: Our latest collection is a little bit Harajuku and a little bit 1950's California housewife. It's geisha meets Barbie, but for grown-ups who like to look elegant but also like to have a bit of fun with their fashion.

For the prints I was inspired by the bustling streets of Chinatown, with the lucky cats and the cherry blossom prints. I was also inspired by Japanese streetwear and the fun fashion of the Harajuku girls with the cherry print.

I made it a bit more modern, with a hand drawn aesthetic, so it's more sophisticated rather than a cute take on the theme.

Take a glimpse into the busy and fascinating life that designer and founder, Deanne Mayocchi from Maiocchi leads as she launches her latest collection, "California Roll".

You shot the campaign in the Chinatown Mall in Brisbane. Can you tell us why?

DM: Chinatown in the Valley truly captured my theme for the season. We shot our lucky cat print in front of a store window with the little lucky cats waving at us, and we shot the lantern print with a backdrop of Chinese lanterns swaying in the breeze – it was a perfect match!

I also loved that it would resonate with our local customer, and I started my label at the Valley Markets over 20 years ago so it's a very familiar place to me and seemed like the perfect choice.

You're known best for designing whimsical custom prints and frocks that fit and flatter women of all shapes and sizes. What's the best part of transforming women's wardrobes and elevating their confidence season after season?

DM: My one true wish is to make women feel confident and look amazing wearing our frocks.

Whilst I love the unique and fun prints that we create each season, my overarching priority when designing is to make frocks that flatter. Not all of us are tall and thin and most of us need a little help to look our best.

I am always testing out new little tricks to make a dress more flattering. In our design room, we test out all of our new styles on a variety of shapes and sizes before we give them the tick of approval. Sometimes it's just a matter of the perfect seam placement or using a contrast panel that makes a world of difference.

The feedback I most often hear from our customers, is that they get so many compliments when they wear a Maiocchi frock. It's very common for ladies to get stopped by strangers in the street wearing one of our frocks, what a confidence boost!

I like to think of our frocks bringing a smile to the face of its wearer every time she wears it.

Take a glimpse into the busy and fascinating life that designer and founder, Deanne Mayocchi from Maiocchi leads as she launches her latest collection, "California Roll".

What's next for you and Maiocchi?

DM: I just love what I do and I love where we are at right now; we have just started shooting our frocks on different sized models. You can now shop online and see each style on a variety of sizes. This makes it easier for our customer to imagine what the style will look like on themselves. We have had such a positive reaction to this, I have never had so many of our customers take the time to email me personally and say how much they love our new imagery, it makes my day to get this type of positive feedback, so our plans are to do more of this!

Timeline: A Day In The Life of Deanne Mayocchi

4am: I am a very early riser. I love waking up before everyone else (particularly my 7 year old) and getting things done. I don't need to set an alarm as I naturally wake up at this time, in fact when I am designing a new collection, I often wake up at 2.30am with my head full of ideas.

I shower, drink my lemon water and check emails and social media (can't help myself!)

5am: Meditate 20 minutes (last year I did a meditation course, so this has been something I am trying to do every day) I walk/jog on the treadmill for 45 minutes listening to a digital marketing podcast (I like to try to learn new things!)

6am: Oscar (my 7 year old son) usually comes down whilst I am on the treadmill, he plays with Lego while I finish. Then it’s making brekky, lunches, homework, getting myself and Oscar ready for the day – it’s hectic!

8.30am: I drop Oscar to school on my way to work.

9am: Arrive at work; touch base with everyone, mostly my production manager Cathy. There are usually problems to solve, fabric that's not quite right, styles running late...things like that.

10am: I attend to all my emails and check my list of tasks for the day – I use OneNote to keep on top of all the different areas of my job – I love it!

11am: I have a meeting with Lauren, a textile designer that I work with for our new collection for high summer. This is our first meeting for the season, so we go through my mood board and discuss the types of prints and colours I am thinking for my next collection. Usually I am pretty definite on what I want to do but this season I am still deciding between 2 different themes so we go through both and discuss options. I always make any creative meetings for the mornings as that is when I am at my best.

1pm: I eat lunch at my desk and do some more emails.

1.30pm: I work closely with my PR and Marketing manager to plan all of our content and emails each week, so I touch base with her to see where we are at with everything for the following week.

2.30pm: I have a quick fabric showing for the upcoming season, I am very quick at going through all the samples as I know what I like, and because we mostly work with natural fibres that limits what I look at. We design our own prints for about 90% of the collection these days but we still need some basics to work in with the prints.

3pm: I leave to pick up Oscar from school. I am so lucky to be able to work school hours for some of the year, when we are getting close to our shoot date for a new collection or we are releasing a new collection in store then I would get my Mum to do the school pick up and I work till later in the day.

5pm: Early dinner.

6pm: I take Oscar to Scouts/ Joeys.

8pm: I put Oscar to bed and am off to bed not much later myself – very early to bed as I am always knackered by 8.30!

Shop Maiocchi's latest collection at www.maiocchi.com.au



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