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What to wear out during the cooler months?


As the cooler season slowly creeps in, the reality of having a fabulous, social nightlife almost comes as a challenge. It appears that the temptation of a glass of red wine, Sex and the City reruns and an oversized blanket is a sure win over getting dressed up, sore feet in high heels and an Uber fare.

However, the secret to bracing and embracing the change of season is knowing how to dress so the weather doesn't get the better of you. Plus, just because it's cold doesn't mean your clothes have to be unflattering. In fact, cute, cozy and sexy can be achieved all season long.

Curious? Keep reading as we break down how to look and feel fabulous during autumn winter.

After Work Drinks

After Work Drinks

The pressure is on, you and your 'professional' team are hitting the bar but what do you wear? If you are familiar with a daily uniform, or more corporate attire, finding something that is individual to you and has a hint of sexy comes with its challenges.

Our top tip is to opt for a pair of tuxedo-style pants, a loose white shirt teamed with a black bra underneath and bright blazer. Finish with a cute ankle boot and oversized clutch alongside a statement necklace. It's the perfect look that doesn't overstep any lines.

Girl's Night Out

Girl's Night Out

Oooohhh, this is where we get to play! The rule to follow is to keep them guessing. Show a hint of skin here or there but leave the rest for the imagination. Thigh high boots with black opaque stockings and a short, loose -fitted mini dress seriously says, "Look at me." Think loose curls, deep red lipstick, chunky hardware and a jewelled clutch to have all eyes on you. Wear your trench coat over your shoulders to make this look ultimately chic.

Unexpected Dinner Date

Unexpected Dinner Date

So even if the dinner date was planned or unexpected in this instance, it probably means you don't know where your romantic destination may be. You need a fail-safe option that will take you from casual dining to eating shrimp under the moonlight on a yacht.

The secret to this is in the coat. In winter, your coat is fool-proof. You can be over-dressed in a minute and simply undo a few buttons and dress it down in a second.

What you wear underneath never needs to be revealed if you feel it's not appropriate. Basically, the coat gives you the control.



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