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This is the eyebrow treatment you never knew you needed.

When it comes to brows, Leona from Simply Laser is one of the styling queens of Brisbane. Her HD Brow treatment is a revolution in the eyebrow business, so of course I had to try it. Because research and journalism.

When it comes to brows, Leona from Simply Laser is one of the styling queens of Brisbane. Her HD Brow treatment is a revolution in the eyebrow business, so of course I had to try it. Because research and journalism.

Up until recently, I never understood the benefits of well-defined eyebrows. Sure, I had plucked my strays and had a wax, but the idea of any amount of styling was totally foreign to me. But then I saw the photos that changed my makeup-loving life.

The images featured a side-by-side comparison of two makeup looks. One looked ordinary, and the other was totally striking. The kicker? The ONLY thing that had been changed in the second photo was that the model had her eyebrows styled. I’ve been a brow convert ever since. Gimme pencils, styling gel, wax, the lot.

So naturally, when I heard there was a treatment to shape your peeper framers to high-def perfection, I had to sign myself up.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but what I was treated to was basically an hour-long pamper session for my brows.

Leona sat me down on arrival to Simply Laser to have a chat to me about how I liked my brows. I explained that I like them to have a fuller figure; none of this tweezing them within an inch of their lives. And since I have almost black hair, I needed them to be similarly dark.

The first step was a tint. Since I have dark hair, I never thought I needed a tint. How much darker than black could I go? What I didn’t realise was that tinting picks up all those little blonde hairs you never knew you had, thus filling out your arches beautifully. Consider me a convert.

Leona then whipped out her trusty cotton thread to measure up where my eyebrows should start, arch and finish. She marked me up with a black pencil, and I resembled some kind of macabre, monochromatic circus clown.

hdbrowssimplylaser01See I told you I went bright red! But just look at those results!

The process continued with a wax. So far, so normal. Then the cotton thread made another appearance, but this time it was for threading purposes. I’d never had threading before, and it felt very strange but apparently it’s excellent for precision shaping.

Next came the tweezers and a trim. The tiny scissors wrangled all the hairs that had gone rogue and refused to sit flat into a neat and tidy shape. And then it was time for the unveiling.

When I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t believe my eye... brows. They looked thick, and full, and my arches were slightly higher than usual. The effect was something resembling a mini-facelift. Of course, because I go bright pink as soon as any beauty therapist even comes within a 10 metre radius of me, my skin was still looking a little raw around the edges. But as usual, this would settle down soon.

In the days after the treatment, I received more compliments on my little face framers than I think I ever had before. I found I only needed to briefly swipe the edges with a pencil in the mornings, the little sparse patches I had now tinted to perfection. I didn’t even need to touch my brow gel, as their new shape held remarkably well.

Even though the price (at $69) is higher than I would normally spend on my brows, it’s going to save me money on products in the long run. Plus, when you take into account that the treatment takes about an hour and does so much more than just a wax would, it’s excellent value. I think I am now a HD Brows convert.


Elizabeth Best is a beauty expert and writer with more than a decade of experience working for some of Australia’s most prolific media outlets. She enjoys long romantic walks along the makeup aisle, and fully expects for her profound love of travel and food to bankrupt her one day. You can follow her never-ending obsession with food and makeup on Instagram.



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