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Changing Catwalks | In Light of MBFWA 2015 The catwalk has cemented its place within the fashion industry over the past 150 years. Throughout this time there have been many changes and challenges to the runway strip, with designers using unique locations, collaborations, larger-than- life set designs and even live music, to relate their ideas. Read more
Interview with Brisbane Couture Designer George Wu | Fashion Weekly Drawn to the meticulous craftsmanship that couture demands, George Wu continues to stand as one of Brisbane's most talented couture designers. Recently, we sat down with him to talk about his new collection Wulfila's Message, along with why he hasn't left Brisbane and if couture is a dying art. Read more
Interview with Francesca Guterres from Opinionslave.com | Fashion Weekly The Facts: 6,257 Instagram followers, 1,105 Facebook likes, 900 Twitter followers. Fashion blogger and style influencer, Francesca Guterres from Opinionslave.com started her fashion journey five years ago as a self-expression hub. What began as a platform to divulge her fashion purchases and interests has now grown into a personal style journal with a modest following. Read more
From Track to Runway Sportswear has influenced fashion throughout history: from Coco Chanel's use of jersey and Fred Perry's iconic wear, through to Alexander Wang's love of grey marl. They are known for their show-stopping catwalk looks and dressing the stars. Now, they're taking their high-fashion looks to the gym. Read more